I wrote this book with the idea being to help manufacturers and B2B industrial companies advance their practice of marketing to the current age. As a manufacturer myself, I had the opportunity to test the concepts outlined in the book. After refining, retesting, and refining again, I developed a framework for manufacturing companies selling products to a B2B market. If you're looking for ways to increase growth in your manufacturing business, this book is a great place to start.

The framework has proven to be a great success, and I want to share it with as many people who want to learn new ways to market for a manufacturing business as possible. Feel free to download a free PDF copy by clicking on the banner below.

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Why choose MMG?

Simple - we understand manufacturing marketing and sales because we've been in your shoes. We've been marketing directors, sales people, business owners, and sales director in manufacturing businesses. We've tested and proven the sales and marketing strategies and tactics we offer to our clients.

In fact, we have a combined 45+ years of experience in manufacturing sales and marketing processes, teams, tactics, technology, and strategy here at MMG!

Experience in these areas translates to your success:

  • 56 years marketing and sales growth strategy
  • 15 years experience with marketing automation platforms
  • 31 years experience CRM implementation, management, daily use
  • 14 years content marketing
  • 16 years digital marketing 
  • 13 years reporting on KPIs and ROI
What can MMG do for me?
Generate leads, increase brand awareness, put sales processes and marketing processes in place, and grow your business. We'll do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself. Learn about MMG Sales & Marketing Packages.
What do you do, specifically?

Digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing, email nurturing, lead management, lead scoring, sales enablement, marketing planning, go-to-market strategy.

Bottom line - generate leads, increase awareness, grow revenue, sales & marketing alignment, and sales enablement.

How do you work with my company?
We use a 6 stage process called RevGen to get you up and running with one of our Bundled Service Packs. Then we execute lead generation and awareness building tactics based on a quarterly schedule. MMG reports on a monthly, quarterly, and annual cadence.

When I was a marketing director at a global electronic instrument manufacturing company, I realized there were a critical need and a huge opportunity for B2B manufacturers to gain market share and increase revenue.

By setting up a marketing strategy built around solving problems common to the target market, revenue increased from 5 to 6% growth per year to 18 to 25% growth per year. We can set up this same strategy for your company.

This mission of MMG is to help manufacturers take advantage of this huge opportunity. MMG can reproduce the growth strategy for your company.

Bruce McDuffee

Bruce McDuffee Founder and CEO - 21 years MFG experience, B.S. Civil Engineering, MBA International Managment & Marketing

Manufacturing has been my entire career. For the first 10 years, I was on the factory floor learning how to satisfy the needs of our customers, communicated to me by the Marketing and Sales professionals.

The next 25 years was in sales and marketing.  With that experience comes a clear understanding of how much our profession has changed over the years.  And also, just as importantly, what has remained the same.

One very critical piece that has remained is the need for direct sales contact to your customers and leads. What has changed is how to get the sales people in front of the customer effectively and efficiently.

David Love

David Love Business Development - 35 years MFG experience, MBA