Why Choose Manufacturing Marketing Group?

We know manufacturing, we talk your language, we understand your challenges.

MMG specializes in serving manufacturing companies by helping them increase leads, increase brand awareness and gain credibility in a specific market space. MMG specializes in high engagement and awareness generating marketing by using educational content. We have proven over and over that manufacturer’s customers like and need educational content over straight product promotion. This is the heart of the MMG strategy and it works!

Bruce McDuffee, Principal Consultant at MMG brings industry specific marketing and sales experience and success with marketing to and for manufacturers. He is a practitioner and, as such, knows how to help manufacturing companies cut through the noise of other competitive messages and media in today’s complex marketing environment. He has tested and proven the ‘new way to market’ concept as a global marketing director at an international manufacturing company. The new way to market is built around education based content and has been proven to engage broader and deeper with industrial target audiences. These strategies and tactics have been proven to outsmart without having to outspend even the biggest competitors. Bruce has achieved tremendous results. One of his clients experienced an increase in annual growth rates from 5% to 26%.

MMG offers personalized, friendly and efficient service focusing on a small number of clients at any one time, dedicated and accountable for your success. We treat your success as our success.

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