Create an Audience Facing Mission Statement for High Engagement, Brand Awareness, and More Leads

December 09, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Whether you're landing on the moon or growing a manufacturing business, your mission statement must be audience focused.

Most companies think of a mission statement as the mission of the company. For example, we see a lot of mission statements that start off with “We offer high reliability and added value .” Another common phrase is “Our company mission is profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment.” Here's another one “Our mission is to become the leading provider of blah, blah, blah.”

The one thing most of these mission statements have in common is that they are about what the company wants to be, do, or offer. They ignore the target audience. They try to match what they think their customers want to the mission statement. There may or may not be a place for this type of mission statement at your company; you will have to decide.

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Want Marketing Respect? Learn to Talk the C-Suite Language

December 07, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

According to a study performed by the Fournaise Marketing Group in July of 2012, 80 percent of CEOs do not trust marketers and are not impressed by the work done by marketers. In comparison, 91 percent of CEOs do trust their CIOs and CFOs. Ouch! The number one reason given for not trusting marketers is that marketers are too disconnected from the financial realities of the company.

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Persist with Good Ideas & Shout Success from the Hilltops

December 06, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”  — Mark Twain

If it is your desire to change the way your manufacturing company goes to market, then you will need to let everyone know about your pilot program successes. I will warn you in advance, it will not be easy. People generally do not like change. Some people will be jealous of your success and work behind the scenes to undermine it. Others will point out all the flaws in the idea or declare loudly that the success was a fluke. I’m sure your idea will be fantastic, but you will find a lot of resistance when you try to introduce a marketing strategy that does not pitch the product.

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5 Tips for Marketing to Engineers

December 02, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Many manufacturing companies sell to engineers who either make or influence the buying decision. has just released research designed to give marketers a better idea about how to market to engineers as a target audience. You can download the research report here.

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Mapping Out the Customer Journey for Your Email Campaign

November 30, 2017 / By Kimberly Maceda

Not all customers are made equal. Even when your end goal is to have them make a purchase or close a deal with you, not all customers are ready for such. Good thing, you can lead them if you know where they are on their customer journey.

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The Magic of a Pilot Program to Prove Your Marketing Concept

November 28, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Sometimes you just have to go ahead and do something different, then share the fantastic results. The level of risk depends on your organization and the level of control your department and the other departments want to have over the organization. In some high-control cultures, you could get fired for going rogue. In other groups, where the culture supports new ideas, you could be lauded and promoted for doing something innovative. You will have to decide how far to push the envelope in your organization. I suggest that if your innovation is perceived as going rogue and defying the powers that be, you would be better off working for another company.

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The One Secret to a Great Webinar

November 25, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

I produced and moderated a live webinar last week. 1285 engineers registered and 704 attended. This was one of our best attended webinars in the history of the company. Our salespeople were thrilled because the webinar helped establish them as go-to experts in the field. The attendance rate was 55% which is much better than the typical 34% attendance rate of the average webinar.

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No, Your Target Market should not be 'Everyone'

November 23, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Is your target market 'everyone'? And why shouldn't it be everyone? The bigger the pond, the more fish, the more we catch, right? Let's go a bit further with the fishing analogy. In the pond are thousands of different types of fish who like hundreds of different types of food. You've got a fancy new type of bait that you think all fish will like. No not just like, but love! You eagerly bait up your line and toss it in from your randomly positioned boat. One hour goes by, two hours go by, only to see a few nibbles, but you haven't caught any fish. How can this be? My new fancy bait appeals to all types of fish. I'm the global leader in fish bait manufacturing.

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11 Email Subject Line Persuasion Triggers

November 21, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

A few months ago, I wrote about the six types of persuasion and how manufacturers could use each of them to increase sales. Recently I came across a post on the Sleeknote blog about the eleven proven persuasion triggers for emails. As a refresher, these are the six types of persuasion popularized by Robert Cialdini in his best seller, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion:

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Is Advertising Dead? Not for Manufacturers!

November 18, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Is advertising dead? Perusing some of the manufacturing trade journals recently, one could conclude if it isn't dead, it's on life support. I talked to a manufacturer several months ago who was lamenting having spent half a million dollars the previous year on ads without any idea what he got for his spend.

But, let's pause for just one moment and consider the demise or not of advertising. According to, the definition of advertising is:

the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards, etc.

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Strategic Marketing Will Grow Your Manufacturing Business

November 16, 2017 / By Andrea Olson

This is a guest post. We welcome guest posts about helping manufacturers increase sales and/or advance their marketing function. Send in your idea and you too could be a guest blogger at MMG.

Guest blogger - Andrea Olson, MSC and CEO of Prag’madik

What is Marketing? More importantly, what is Marketing's role in your organization? Does Marketing have a seat at the executive table, or is it tucked inside some other function, such as Sales or Operations? Is it made up of 3-4 people, including a "graphics person," "writing person," "trade show coordinator" and a "manager"? Does it function more like a production team than a strategy leading department?

The definition of Marketing's role varies from industry to industry, and even more from organization to organization. But whether you are a passionate believer in Marketing or feel it's a waste of time/money/resources, it's essential to understand how it can serve your organization better.

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Most Marketing Automation Initiatives Fail - here's 2 reasons why

November 14, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

You've heard all about it, Marketing Automation, that is. The marketing teams at these software companies are some of the best of the best. They know how to use content efficiently to fill the top of the funnel, drive you (whip you) through the funnel and measure the crap out of everything. Wow! You may think to yourself, "If only I too could market like that with marketing automation, my manufacturing company might be able to regain those glory days of double-digit growth."

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Lead Generation with LinkedIn Ads

November 11, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

LinkedIn ads can be a powerful lead generation engine with a substantial ROI. There are two categories of advertisers, self-service and working with a dedicated support team. If you have a budget of more than $25,000 per month (or whatever you can negotiate with the LinkedIn Sales Team), you qualify for the dedicated support and more options open up to you. However, in this article, we will be discussing the self-service option and assume you are working with a smaller budget.

Before embarking on LinkedIn advertising (or any advertisement), you should set some objectives, specific goals and define your ideal target audience. It is also important to consider what you want a person to do when they click on an ad and when you will do in response to a conversion. In other words, you should know how someone could move through the sales funnel. If you are paying for an advertisement, we will assume the ultimate goal is to convert that person into a customer. For example, if your ad promotes an upcoming webinar, your campaign should include a registration mechanism, confirmation page or email, auto reply email with information about how to log in to the webinar, etc. The ad by itself is only a small portion of your overall promotion.

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Manufacturing Needs Digital Marketing - here’s why

November 10, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Thank you to Tim Doyle of TopSpot Internet Marketing for sharing this fantastic infographic. In a nutshell, yes, manufacturers do need digital marketing. The sales team can’t get it done, and you can’t scale a sales team. Bottom line, manufacturers need to be sharing useful, helpful content to gain awareness, credibility, and more sales.

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Time for Marketers to Rise Up and Claim Their Strategic Post!

November 07, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

This is chapter 11 from my book, The New Way to Market for Manufacturing. Download your free copy.

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The Product Pitch is Important, but Not Why You Think

November 04, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

As I have stated loudly and often, those manufacturing companies that can stop pitching their products will win market share and that is absolutely true! However, the product pitch is essential at the bottom of the funnel and it is totally ineffective at the top of the funnel.

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Interesting Trends - 2018 Manufacturing Content Marketing Benchmarks

November 02, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

It's here; it's here. The Content Marketing Institute's annual benchmark report on manufacturing was released yesterday. I compared the results from 2017 to 2018, and there are some interesting changes in critical areas.

1. Percentage of manufacturing respondents who use content marketing - This is virtually the same as last year; 86% in 2018 compared to 85% in 2017.

2. How manufacturing marketers rate their content marketing success - Interestingly, this number declined dramatically. In 2017, 20% considered their content marketing programs as 'very successful' or 'extremely successful.' In 2018 that group comprised only 14%. Are they less successful, or is it that they had a better understanding of content marketing as a strategy and graded themselves on a stricter scale?

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LinkedIn, Your Secret Weapon for Lead Generation

October 31, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

This is an excerpt from the ebook, Could LinkedIn Be Your Lead Gen Secret Weapon, authored by Tricia Akins and Bruce McDuffee.

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Bigger than Gutenberg's Invention, it's the Secret to Growth

October 29, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

We’re in the midst of the most significant communication revolution in the history of the world. The internet isrevolutionizing our access to information, and it's affecting your business every minute of every day. The last communication revolution started 576 years ago when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. His invention, like the internet, revolutionized how people got access to information and the amount of data that was available.

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Most Manufacturers Are Laggards in Marketing - you don't have to be

October 26, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Manufacturers, as a group, are laggards when it comes to marketing. Just to be clear, this is not meant to be a pejorative statement about manufacturers. The definition of the term laggard as listed in the Oxford English Dictionary is “A person who makes slow progress and falls behind others.” The assertion that manufacturers are marketing laggards is an interesting phenomenon because manufacturers as a group are quite progressive when it comes to production, supply chain management, and new product development.

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