4 Ways Manufacturers Can Improve Their Content Marketing Strategy

November 20, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

The manufacturing industry has been slow in adopting digital marketing, especially content marketing. However, in recent times, particularly in the last two years, manufacturers have been implementing content marketing practices more than ever before.

An increasing number of manufacturing marketers are saying that their content marketing is bringing them more success than before. That can undoubtedly attribute to improvements in their strategy. If you’re not one of these manufacturers, with the advice you receive right here will certainly get you there in the end.

1. Have a Written Strategy
Compared to manufacturers who have been using content marketing practices for a while, those at the early stages in most cases have no written strategies. They usually do some research and implement what they find, and that’s that.

However, this is not enough. A well thought out and developed written strategy can help a lot in having successful content marketing. In essence, any plan is much better than no strategy at all.

2. Be realistic
If you’re going to develop and write down your plan of action, it would also be good to formulate your expectations, visions, and goals. But you have to be realistic here, set some goals that are achievable, and set higher goals for the future once these are achieved.

What’s more, you cannot expect to see immediate results. It takes a whole year to see some good results from a quality content marketing strategy through which you’re distributing content organically.

3. Always be Consistent with Your Content
Being consistent with content helps you stay in the game, and remain relevant in the industry. Marketing, in general, is a never-ending game, and you have to stick with it if you want results.

So, make a plan, a calendar of sorts where you’ll decide which types of content you’ll deliver on which dates. Scheduling content can also help you stay at it. If you use blogs, post one per week on the same day, and if you want to send newsletters, commit to it and send one each month.

If that’s too much, hire an outside team, i.e., a content marketing firm and work with them on developing a strategy that will work best for you.

4.Efficiency and Quality Are Key
What does this mean?

First, it means that you need to have an effective process used to scale and create content. You need to make priorities here and stick to the plan to be consistently efficient.

Second, you need to value quality, and the team behind you will need to learn that as well. Quality content is the key to improving any content marketing strategy. It’s never enough to post content merely. The material needs to be of use to the audience; it needs to give answers, educate them, and inform them.

In essence, you need to be smart here, develop a good strategy that values quality, consistency, and focuses on the audience. Putting it all down on paper will make it more efficient, but you still have to have reasonable expectations.

Never expect success overnight, but expect significant improvements over time and never stop changing and developing your strategy. of them all!


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