5 Ideal Website Designs for Manufacturing Companies

August 21, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

A website is the base of operations for all your online marketing activities. It’s the production hub for content, and the place all leads end up to learn more about your products, offers, and the company.

But just like the packaging of products speaks volumes about what’s inside, so does the appearance of your website say a lot about your company.

To make it truly stand out, you will need a design that echoes the values you want customers to associate with your brand. To help you choose the right one, here are five website designs ideal for manufacturing companies.

1. Responsive Design (Layout)
Responsiveness measures the amount of time it takes to load and display a web page in different resolutions and on various devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile). It is also a vital indicator of a useful manufacturing website.

According to statistics, the number of mobile users will reach 4.78 billion by 2020. It means that making a mobile-friendly website is not an option anymore, but a requirement. More importantly, high responsiveness makes it fast for users to get the information they require from your site.

2. Gallery Web Design (Layout)
A gallery web design is a layout usually featured on e-commerce websites. However, manufacturing companies also tend to use this design if they have a wide range of products on offer and want to sell them directly to customers, wholesalers or retail partners.

These can be supplemented with multiple features, like inventory and shipping, gallery websites are great at generating revenue all on their own. Even if you choose to remove the “buy online” function, it can still serve as a visually-stunning catalog of manufactured goods.

3. Single Page Web Design (Layout)
Single page web design is a practical and responsive layout. It can also generate high-quality leads and convert them into buyers, owing to its structure which includes multiple CTAs and mimics a landing page.

Manufacturers select single page web design as a way of boosting usability, regardless of the device the site visitor might use. Additionally, it is effortless to create but requires quality condensed content and HQ images to be most effective.

4. Realism Web Design (Style)
As the name implies, with realism web design – “what you see is what you get.” Companies use this type of design style to deliver a clear value proposition by putting the product into the primary focus.

Realism web design works because manufacturers can make use of high-resolution photography and product rendering as the central visual aid in conveying their message. It usually requires only a small amount of copy with more emphasis on CTAs.

5. Flat Web Design (Style)
Flat design is a website design with 2D objects like graphics, renders or photos layered and merged (flattened) to achieve a 3D effect. This style also relies heavily on iconography, as usually, each menu option has its icon which represents it.

This type of design was developed in 2015 but remains a timeless style. Manufacturing companies tend to choose it for its emphasis on usability and no-nonsense navigation.

All of the website designs featured here are compatible with manufacturing businesses. Whichever you choose for your company, remember that the purpose of the website is to provide your customers with a pleasurable and user-friendly experience. And by focusing on a design that works for your industry, you can activate the full potential of your website and online presence.


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