5 Reasons to Switch Out Your Manufacturing CRM

March 12, 2019 / By Bruce McDuffee

Customer relationship management software enables manufacturers to quickly find the necessary information required to make important business decisions. Even marketing for a manufacturing company is made easier with up-to-date CRM software. One can easily track company and client communications to determine if clients are getting top-notch services.

However, when a manufacturing CRM software outlives its usefulness, it is best that it be switched out. For a big project, this can be quite a tedious process. Besides, the bigger a company is, the more expensive it will be to switch out the manufacturing CRM. Since many CRM is usually intertwined with other company systems, switching out can be quite expensive. Below are five reasons to switch out your manufacturing CRM:

1. The salespeople complain about the time it takes to maintain and use it.
When necessary activities take longer than usual, this might be a sign that your manufacturing CRM has outlived its usefulness. You need quick and reliable software that allows salespersons to make quick transactions to increase productivity.

Aside from productivity, customers also expect to be attended to swiftly. The root course of delays is most likely having CRM features that do not align with the company's administrative tasks. Having this sorted out helps with managing leads since customers expect you to meet their needs. Otherwise, they're likely to go to your competitor.

2. You cannot get the information you need to make essential business decisions.
Decision-making is an integral part of running a manufacturing company. When your sales team depends on Google sheets to keep track of sales leads, then there is a problem. A centralized source of information ensures that the company can make critical business decisions on time. Searching through different systems for one piece of information can be time-consuming and frustrating. When your CRM software does not provide a single view into all the company's information, it's time you ditched it and set up an updated software.

3. The salespeople don't use it, but instead, prefer to keep spreadsheets.
An outdated CRM software is bound to have limited functionality. An updated software incorporates all the new technological advancements to ensure salespeople have an easy time keeping up with day to day operations. It is also important to note that the software should not be too complicated that salespeople prefer keeping spreadsheets. Putting in place a flexible CRM software is only possible when the company stays abreast on the latest technological changes.

4. You need to hire an outside consultant for even the smallest change
Outsourcing when it comes to consultancy services for even the most trivial changes in the company can drive up running costs. A manufacturing company's CRM software requires constant evaluation to ensure it can sustain all the needs of the company. Delegating to a third-party for consultation means that the organizational design of the customer relationship management software does not incorporate all facets of manufacturing and service delivery. The working culture of the company should align with the CRM system.

5. Your current service provider is degrading, and the price is going up every year.
Even though as a growing manufacturing company, you need to price your services as you value them, it's not possible to retain a high customer retention rate with degrading provider services. Price increases should align with the quality of services your company offers. Your CRM software has a significant role to play in ensuring you exceed customer expectations with your service delivery. When you notice a disconnect between pricing and service delivery, it's time to switch out your manufacturing CRM.

By keeping your old CRM, it costs you time and money since simple tasks take longer to complete. Outdated CRM negatively affects productivity. Besides, a team of frustrated salespeople is bad for business since their heart won't be in what they are doing. Customers can see through your dysfunctional company and opt to work with another manufacturer. A good CRM improves customer service, contact us today to improve your customer experience through updated CRM software.

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