5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Isn't Working

August 14, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Digital marketing is relatively new, although it has established itself as a critical strategy for generating more business. With that in mind, there is no reason why any digital marketing strategy shouldn’t work.

However, 30% of companies reported they are dissatisfied with their efforts altogether, so something must be wrong. To find out what isn’t working for your company, here are the five most common reasons why your digital marketing might be failing you.

1. You’re following the wrong metrics
When evaluating marketing efforts, many companies focus on wrong indicators to measure their success. It means that even after testing their strategies, the corrections and improvements they make don’t achieve the desired results.

2. You’re not doing tests
Testing is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. It allows you to figure out what campaigns are working and how to manage them accordingly. A best practice is to evaluate your effort using A/B testing.

The concept is simple. At the end of the set time-period, test both A and B efforts. The winner remains, while a new one replaces the loser. Implementing this technique gives you the ability to tweak the campaign until it outperforms itself. Only then can you achieve the results you desire.

3. You’re targeting the wrong audience
A problem facing many people who run their marketing campaigns is that they are targeting the wrong audience. Most communication channels have filters in place, so you can quickly narrow the target audience to match your ideal consumer.

Similarly, most companies don’t know their ideal consumer and target the wrong buyer persona. To mend this problem, use an analytics tool to figure out the demographic makeup of your perfect target, or go directly to the source with a customer survey to get even better results.

4. You’re setting unrealistic expectations
During the development phase of a digital marketing strategy, planners often make the mistake of creating very ambitious goals for their efforts. One of the fundamental principles to follow is SMART goal-setting.

According to the SMART principle, all goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. In combination with Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention Costs, these metrics ensure your goals always remain realistic and cost-effective, regardless of the campaign.

5. You’re not patient enough
Similar to all other marketing efforts, digital marketing requires a little patience. The time it takes mostly depends on:

  • How well you develop and implement strategies;
  • How consistent you are with your efforts;
  • How much competition you face;
  • Whether you evaluate and improve your efforts.

For example, with social media, you will need to wait a couple of months before you gather a large enough community, while with SEO you have to wait at least a year before you see measurable results from the campaign.

Check your campaign. Then, double-check it. Is one of these reasons the cause behind your digital marketing not working?

If it isn’t, you might consider hiring professional marketing help. In case it’s resolved, all you have to do is follow instructions from the industry, and be patient. With an attitude like that, the results will come.

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