5 Tips to Get More Leads From Your Website

April 09, 2019 / By Olivia Smith

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Every online business aims to optimize its site for generating increased leads. And this process is indeed not as elementary as opting in for a "click here" option on the home page. Also, this will not ensure that the potential leads would walk-in. What is essential for designers and marketers, is to adopt a more strategic and in-depth approach.

Do you want to know the way to optimize a site? If yes, then you need to have basic know-how on the lead generation process and understand it as well. You also need to know about the crucial factors that result in lead generation. Simply put, a lead generation process usually gets started when a specific website visitor opts in for the CTA (Call to Action) placed on your blog posts or sites. This CTA takes the visitors to a new landing page that can help in collecting user’s contact data. When visitors fill this out, they are seamlessly taken to the “Thank-You” page.

Once you are aware of this, you can shift your focus to other relevant facts. Discussed below are five ways you can opt-in for active lead generation.

1. You need to include forms in web pages to attract increased traffic
Setting a yardstick for your present lead generation condition is essential. It will help you to get the desired success and also outline the spaces where you require the enhancement. There are a few pages that create ace lead generators without the person realizing the same.
As a start, make an audit from where the majority of the online outreach and traffic falls in place. Below mentioned are a couple of places where business owners might get in touch with visitors.

  • Email marketing – The website traffic gets counted when people visit your site from a link shared in the email.
  • Live Chat – Sometimes, traffic arrives in the form of online users who can connect to a company's customer service group through a live chat.
  • Social media – The online traffic can also be those users who connect with a campaign through social media profiles.
  • Blog posts – Some of the traffic might also arrive via the quality blog posts
It is essential to know the source of the leads. Once you are aware of this, you will want to ensure that the pages they are arriving are capable of doing all that they can to keep the online visitor’s interest.

2. Evaluate the performance of every lead generator
Analyze the way every lead generator are adding up to the business. The tool to use for this is Website Grader. It helps to evaluate the lead generation source and provide feedback on the ways to enhance the present content.

Compare the landing pages that are performing well and the ones that are not. For instance, you can attain close to a thousand visits in Landing Page 1 where only about 10 to 20 people had filled a form and also converted to leads. Here the conversion rate would be close to 1%. You also have another page that is Landing Page 2 that records close to 50 to 60 visitors with every 1000 visits. Here the conversion rate would be close to 5%. Your job now is to check the way both these pages differ.

Finally, you can also try and make internal reports. Assess the CTA clicks, landing page visits along with thank-you web page shares to understand which page is performing best. After that, you can develop more pages that have optimal performance.

3. Ensure that your homepage carries a generic CTA
Is the website Homepage attracting the most attention? Then it is essential to have a CTA for it. However, make sure that you don't overwhelm your online visitors by having them look at the complex or longest content on your site. Your Homepage has an essential place in the marketing funnel. It is vital for it to provide a free trial or a subscription for the campaign, for instance, a newsletter.

4. Provide eBooks that users can download on specific blog posts
One of the non-invasive ways of developing user interest in your business is to generate content for a blog that can promote a Whitepaper or an eBook. And this will allow the online users to know more on the pertinent topic they would read in the blog post. Here you can make SEO and lead generation meet.
Blog content is one of the best mediums for creating page authority. It is essential to have this authority so that the company site can rank on Google. The organic visitors who arrive from Google are keener on coming up with solutions to an issue that can get solved. It is essential to make this lead generation useful.

To know how to get started with this process, you need to carry out keyword research on the topic which is pertinent for your industry. Generate many blog posts on this topic. You can then have a report which provides a more in-depth analysis. You can further compress all this into a PDF format that the online users can easily download by sharing their email address, company name, and their name.

5. Go ahead and nurture your business leads
It takes time for a lead to turn into a customer! It can’t happen through any quick fixes. Your leads and nurturing initiatives walk hand-in-hand. It is essential to place them in the workflow the moment the form gets filled out in the landing pages. It will help them to recall your brand. Also, provide them with useful content that will match the interest. The element of lead nurturing can start from important follow-up emails which can also comprise of good content. The moment you nurture them, you also have to know more about them. With this know-how, you can tailor all the future material that you share with them.

There are several steps for successful lead generation that you can follow. However, as you are starting, you can follow these steps mentioned above and keep adding other measures, as your business grows.
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