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6 Effective Social Media Platforms Manufacturers Could Use for Marketing

October 02, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Social media platforms are here to stay. They have become integral to the way businesses market themselves and communicate with consumers. Almost as important as the effects it has on how we interact with one another.

Social media platforms can also be put to great use for marketing for manufacturers. And when put to productive use, these six social media platforms can seriously boost your marketing efforts.

1. Facebook
Facebook is the social media network. It’s a requirement for any successful online marketing campaign and a channel every manufacturing business should adopt.

While Facebook has lost traction over recent years, it still has immense appeal through paid advertising. With far less investment than on Google, you can direct traffic to your site or online web store.

And if you don’t have one, you can create an e-commerce store on Facebook. Here’s how to set it up.

2. Instagram
Instagram is the most prolific visual social platform manufacturers should use to increase engagement and brand awareness. You can motivate customers to create user-generated content and promote your products once they receive them. Not to mention gain a sizable follower base by using hashtags.

Instagram also has over 1 billion active users, which makes it an excellent opportunity to target previously untapped markets with your products and grow your business.

3. LinkedIn
If you manufacture goods for specific groups of professionals or you mostly make B2B sales, LinkedIn is an effective way to market your company. The community on LinkedIn is exceptionally picky and expects premium content and information from brands. But, the engagement is astonishing.

If you’re selling top quality products, people will recognize it especially when its tied to a specific niche or industry. It’s also a useful place to recruit staff when you have a couple of positions that need to be filled with established professionals.

4. YouTube
YouTube is the number one social media channel for video. And because the contemporary consumer is far more likely to respond to visual content, it’s the perfect place to promote new products, their use and application.

Despite it being annoying to see, when all you want is to listen to some music, YouTube ads are highly effective at increasing traffic and business to websites. Beware though; it can raise negative brand awareness.

5. Quora
Quora is not your typical social media network. It’s a question-and-answer site, but the community it gathers has all of the hallmarks of classic social platforms.

Use Quora to answer questions on topics associated with your industry. It can be a quick way to solve people’s pain points with your product, reveal inside information and position yourself as an industry leader. Plus, every post on Quora is an opportunity to leave a link and promote your latest offers.

6. Yelp
Listing yourself on Yelp is a great way to target a specific market locally. Yelp listings help people find your retail shop, connect with your company and in many cases purchase a product immediately after the first encounter.

Potential leads can also use Yelp to research your products since existing customers have a habit of leaving reviews. And the platform also helps with local SEO, mainly because your Yelp profile will be the first thing that pops up as a search result for questions tied to location.

Create a social media strategy around these six channels and incorporate it into the grand design of your marketing efforts. Once you get it off the ground, social media will be an active line of communication between your brand and your target market.

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