7 Key SEO Copywriting Errors To Avoid For Your Manufacturing Business

October 22, 2019 / By Ellie Coverdale

SEO Copywriting is a vital element to all modern manufacturing businesses. Having an internet presence in the contemporary era is absolutely vital, mandatory in fact, for maintaining a successful manufacturing company with a constant stream of clients to your name. SEO copywriting, the content on your website that has been especially crafted for boosting your success, is simply an important element to your overall internet presence and one which, if dealt with poorly, can cause real problems for you as you try to make a success of your manufacturing business. So, with that in mind, let’s look at 7 SEO copywriting mistakes you ought to try and avoid at all costs.

1. Writing Without Considering Flow
User experience is one of the major factors in deciding the success of a manufacturing website. The journey that a user takes, from initially deciding to click on your site, to where you want them to end up eventually, ought to be very carefully cultivated. “Streamlining your user journey with copywriting that is designed to lead and guide, rather than distract and confuse, is vital for website success”, suggests Paige Holland, content writer at Academized and OxEssays. Make sure your copywriting is written with purpose, not without considering the outcome you most want.

2. Too Much Text
This is a problem with a lot of SEO copywriting, particularly when it is done by people who are new to the industry as a whole. SEO is so interesting and so potentially beneficial that it’s easy to get carried away. Concision is key in SEO copywriting for manufacturing sites. You only want that which is actually necessary on the page, well optimized but in brief. Having large blocks of text is tedious and can turn a potential customer off instantly.

3. Failing To Research
Poorly researched SEO copywriting is not only painfully obvious but can actually undo a lot of the benefits that SEO would otherwise bring your company. It’s so common, especially when copywriting has been outsourced, for the writing on your website to seem vague and ill-informed. This really alienates the customer, particularly when they themselves are looking for answers and guidance. Make sure that any SEO copywriting on your manufacturing website is thoroughly researched and written by someone with an understanding of your company and its goals.

4. Writing Poorly
This seems like an obvious piece of advice, but the amount that it is ignored is shocking and he impact it has is critical. The writing on your website represents your company: if it is inaccurate, with poor attention to details like spelling, grammar and punctuation then people will inherently doubt your company. Writing well is more than just running a standard spellcheck before uploading. It’s a deceptively hard skill. Here are some sites to help you get it right:

5. Mistaking Opinions For Facts
One thing that users in the online marketplace really don’t like is being misled. Suspicion is something which breeds like wildfire on the internet, since so often there’s nothing to prove the integrity of the sites that you come across. If your copywriting seems to be asserting things about the manufacturing field that you are in as facts, this may be seen as you attempting to trick visitors into siding with you, which leaves a sour taste and could cost you customers.

6. Hitting Keywords Too Hard
Keywords are important, there’s no denying that. It’d be foolish to start trying to optimize your website without having listed yours ahead of time. That said, keywords are also very obvious and can be, counter-intuitively, dangerous for your company. If you load your copy with them it seems desperate from a user perspective and it isn’t taken seriously by search engines, who will actually lower your ranking as a result.

7. Ignoring Your Audience
Website copy shouldn’t be written as if you are writing to any potential visitor. For proper SEO copywriting you have to have an in-depth level of knowledge of the sorts of people that you are writing to. It may require some market research, but it will sharpen up everything that you put on your site.

Overall, SEO copywriting is definitely an area in which you want to be careful as you put together all the ingredients for your killer manufacturing site. It’s deceptively tricky and the consequences of failing are far more impactful than it may have originally seemed

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