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Here's One Way to Get Accurate Data for Better Lead Generation

September 12, 2017 / By Katrina Manning

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Data appending is the process of adding information to your data.

Most businesses have incomplete databases. If you have been in business for several years, then you probably have a large number of customer and prospect contacts collected. Those contacts may not be entirely accurate unless you use data appending services. The reason is your data is only valuable when it is filled with complete and accurate information. For many of your departments to function efficiently, they need the right customer information. A data appending service is one way to help ensure the accuracy of your database.

Reconnect with old customers

It's much easier to sell to past customers than it is to find a new customer. Still, you need accurate contact information. People move all the time. It can be difficult to keep track--especially when you have thousands or hundreds of thousands of contacts. Your contacts are unlikely to call you to let you know they're changing addresses or emails. Data appending services can help you obtain their most current contact details such as:

  1. State
  2. Zip
  3. Title
  4. Email address

Your updated database now allows you to get in touch with customers of whom you have lost track. Perhaps send them a "We've missed you" email or a special offer to lure them back.

A campaign for contacting past customers or old contacts can be a goldmine.

In the hustle and bustle of life, they may have just innocently forgotten about your products and services. It is up to you to remind them. You must make sure your data is accurate first.

Find new methods of marketing

Think of all the ways you can market your products and services with an accurate and complete database. There isn't any limit except the bounds of your imagination and creativity. It's no fun spending months on a marketing campaign with few results to show for it because of poor data quality.

Receiving bounced emails is annoying. You've worked hard writing your most alluring email to date only to see it returned. Data appending ensures this stops happening. Where would you take your marketing campaign if you knew you could completely trust your data? How can you improve engagement and retention rates with the right data?

Improve response rates

As written earlier, you can only get a beneficial response if you can reach your intended recipient. You want to decrease waste and increase your cost savings. You can also dramatically reduce your advertising costs if you improve your response rates. All of the time and money spent on your current advertising campaign shouldn't go to waste due to bad customer information. Data appending will help you maintain a full and reliable database that you can trust to get the marketing results your company needs.

Boost client retention

Customers want to hear from you. They want to feel important. The only way to do that is by consistently sending them relevant content. They will feel forgotten if they don't hear from you. How would they know you don't have their correct contact information? And, since you don't have their correct contact information, you can't reach out to them to fix it.

With accurate data, you know that you can send your loyal customers messages anytime you deem worthy and they will receive the messages. The results of data appending can be dramatic, which can translate into large cost savings. In fact, you can expand your email list significantly. With an increasing number of accurate contacts, you could increase revenue by the thousands. It can also save on expenses. Each contact with accurate information has the potential for more sales. Not to mention, reaching out to your customers on a consistent basis is critical to business success.

Enhance customer service

When you can reach more people via email, it helps to improve your customer service ratings. One of the major factors of improving customer loyalty is through providing excellent customer service. When a customer calls to report an issue, the first step is to address the problem right away. Once that is taken care of, a follow-up email is necessary to document the actions taken and any next steps.

Data appending services give you accurate data information so that you can continue to reach customers even after their customer service requests have been completed. Plus, there is the opportunity for a follow-up email to rate how you handled their request. Part of building a loyal following is conveying that your company offers expedient and user-friendly customer service. This resonates in the minds of your customers, and they will share their experiences online.

Data appending services help take your marketing efforts to the next level. You never have to worry about dealing with inaccurate databases.

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