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Benefits of using a CRM over a Spreadsheet

March 26, 2019 / By Bruce McDuffee

If your sales team still keeping track of their prospects on spreadsheets? Yes? Read on.

Do you know what's going on inside of your sales pipeline and where each prospect is in their buying journey? No? Read on.

Are you able to make reasonably accurate sales forecasts? No? Read on.

Do you have access to your sales pipeline at the drop of a hat and the tip of your fingertips? No? Read on.

If you're stuck on spreadsheets or at a loss when it comes to data management, you stand to benefit considerably from the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With CRM in place, you'll be able to access centrally-stored sales data at all times, monitor employee performance, and keep on top of customer relations-- all from the base of one easy-to-use interface.

The Benefits of Using a CRM

  • Transparency
    Getting a handle on performance transparency will allow your top achievers to become identifiable very quickly; performers like these can receive the recognition that they deserve while those who consistently struggle can be pinpointed and offered additional support or training. With a CRM, taking advantage of transparency to develop a culture of empowerment has never been more accessible.

    CRM also afford you and your team access to shared calendars and documents-- email integration is a bonus, too! It pulls your entire team together and allows everybody to stay up-to-date and in the know. You can even share data concerning the selling process and patterns, so your team gets a feel for what's working and what's not.
  • Accountability
    CRM means that there's no excuse for your team to lag on report preparation. Because accessing and analyzing reports is such a cinch, you'll never need to worry about your team coming into meetings unprepared-- weekly and monthly sales reports become their responsibility to locate and bring to you. The reporting process is transparent and automated, meaning your team stays accountable and informed.

    Because CRM tracks every aspect of customer communication, your sales team will be aware of exactly when they should be contacting clients. Things like contract renewal or product replacement are a part of automated schedules and task lists created by CRM, meaning there's never a reason to fall behind or leave a customer in the dark.
  • Business Intel at Your Fingertips
    When you're looking to make critical business decisions, it's imperative that business data is easily retrievable and a breeze to understand. When you elect to take advantage of a CRM, all of your business' relationship and process data become available via one single interface. Making educated and timely decisions a part of your routine business dealings, rather than a cause for massive projects and meetings.

    CRM is your key to tapping into information and insights concerning your business-- and that is the key to your business operating with agility. In a rapidly shifting economy and business sector, making educated decisions with the option of fluidity is crucial to staying afloat.
  • Sales Team Efficiency and Funnel Velocity
    The right CRM will help you and your team craft daily, monthly, and long-term schedules that contribute to your business' growth. With a wealth of information at your fingertips at any given time, it's easy to use a CRM to help you understand how to prioritize work and get in control of tasks. These capabilities will also allow your sales team to get out and do what they should be focusing on-- selling-- while CRM handles time management behind the scenes.

    CRM also allows your team to segment and understand data in a way that helps identify valuable opportunities. CRM users can select from a wealth of criteria-based options to better understand how they should be working to maximize sales. There's no more need to pull data from countless documents, endlessly copying and pasting, only to get confusing data.

A team relying on spreadsheets and floundering with customer relations is a team on the path towards failure. Modern economics and an ever-changing business sector mean that spreadsheets and cluelessness need to go the way of the Dodo. If your team is stuck in the stone ages and wants to experience the benefits of a properly-implemented CRM, contact us today.
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