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Digital Advertising: A Guide to Banner and Text Ads for Manufacturers

March 20, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Manufacturing companies are finally leveraging digital marketing tactics to attract more traffic to their website and generate more leads. Display ads such as banner advertising and text ads are just two of those digital marketing for manufacturing strategies that have proven to be effective methods to help target customers and prospects.

Here is a quick introduction to banner advertising and text ads to help you understand how they work and why you should start creating your own:

What Are Banner Ads?
A banner ad is a form of online advertising that involves embedding an advertisement into a web page with the intention to attract traffic to a website by linking to the advertiser's website. For example, as the advertiser, if someone were to click your banner ad, they will be taken to your site.

Banner ads are image-based or use a multimedia object typically created using Flash or HTML5. This means that banner ads can be animated or static, depending on the software used to create them.

By placing your banner ads on a high traffic website, you can improve brand awareness, generate leads, and retarget your audience. As a manufacturer, advertising on the websites from your industry’s niche means your ads will be seen by a relevant audience.

Before you create your ads, think about what you expect to achieve from your campaign. What are your goals? Understand the audience you are advertising to and design an ad you know will get their attention. And because advertising costs money, you’ll need to determine your budget.

Once you’ve created your banners, you need to buy ad space on websites. You could contact individual web admin and blog owners to negotiate pricing if they don’t already have a set price for ad space. Alternatively, you could choose an advertising network such as Google AdWords to help you distribute your ads.

What Are Text Ads?
Text ads are your standard pay-per-click (PPC) format that comes with specific layout sizing and requirements. Text ads are considered the simplest online ad that AdWords offers. They are composed of three parts: headline text, a display URL, and description text.

For someone new to AdWords, it would be helpful to have Google themselves explain Setup and Basics. There are a lot of components that your strategy will need to consider, such as daily budget and site links. 

Text ads work for just about every industry, including manufacturing. But first, you need to understand how your target audience uses the Internet and what keywords they are searching for. Develop a plan that consists of campaigns, ad groups, and ads. It would be ideal for each ad group to have its own custom landing page.

Banner Ads Vs. Text Ads
Banner advertising and text ads each come with their own set of pros and cons. Text ads target those who are already looking for your service; however, there's a word count limit, and they’re not visually distinctive. Banner ads, while highly visual, aren’t the easiest to track and analyze.

When it comes to marketing for manufacturing, both banner and text ads will get you seen. Banner ads work great for manufacturers with visually striking products while text ads are a great option for those who are concerned about the costs of creating a banner ad from scratch. Your choice will largely be determined by circumstance. There’s also the option to experiment with both. 

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