Digital Marketing Trends Your Manufacturing Business Can't Afford to Miss

April 23, 2019 / By Katrina Fernandez

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Guest blogger - Katrina Fernandez - A SEO specialist at Local SEO Search Inc

You might think digital marketing is great for online businesses, or perhaps businesses that offer software or some service to consumers. But what about manufacturing? Is there any room in digital marketing for an old-school business-to-business company?

Yes, there is. Remember, even your B2B customers are people, and people have similar ways of finding information and making decisions no matter what they’re looking for.

Here are digital marketing trends for manufacturing you can’t afford to miss.

Your Customers Are Searching Online
You know that Google is huge for consumers, but what you might not realize is that 94% of B2B consumers conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product.

They don’t just use Google. They also take advantage of supplier websites (like yours!), product reviews, white papers, social media, blogs, and more.

As they look online for information, are they finding you? When they do find you, are you providing the same kind of sales information on your website that you would in a face-to-face meeting? If not, you’re missing a significant marketing opportunity.

Your website is a storefront. Make sure it includes a page for each of your products, your company’s history, information about your team, and a blog that allows you to share stories of how your product impacts your customers positively.

Work With Pay-Per-Click
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy that can bring you better visibility, more leads, and increased revenue. However, to fully implement it takes time.

In the meantime, you can appear at the top of Google’s search results for specific keywords by paying for the exposure. You can target specific keyword phrases and only pay when someone clicks onto your website.

When they arrive on your site, be sure the page they land on is specific and fulfills the need they were looking for. Provide relevant information and invite them to join an email list or mailing list for further assistance.

Knowing which keywords to target and how much to pay can be a challenge. For help, you’ll want to work with a digital marketing provider in Toronto who can make things simple for you.

Use Remarketing Ads
When people first see your products online, they may not be ready to buy right away. However, your ads can follow them around the web, wherever they go, when you use retargeting.

This strategy helps keep you top-of-mind and reminds potential customers that they were checking out your products recently. With repeated exposure, they may decide to return to your site and set up a meeting for purchase.

This can help you promote specific equipment, focus on certain types of buyers, and maximize every click you get to your website.

Take Advantage of Case Studies
A case study is just an account of a problem a customer had and how that problem was solved with your products. You can highlight any customer once you get their permission. Consider choosing a variety of niches so that you can show your best side to an assortment of customers.

Case studies don’t have to be extremely complicated, and they follow a basic format. Each one should highlight:

  • The initial problem
  • Obstacles in solving the problem
  • The solution you provided
  • The improved way your customer’s business functioned afterward

If you publish a few of these a year, you can boost your reputation and build your brand. Mix in other articles that give useful information for your customers as well.

Don’t Overlook Reviews
One of the most significant factors in purchasing decisions are reviews. You want to make sure you take advantage of that fact by building up your review profiles online. Of course, you can get Google reviews through your Google My Business profile, which is a great start.

You should also place reviews on your website and on any directories that are relevant to your industry. You can use the same review in multiple locations as long as you note where the original review was placed.

Having a lot of active reviews boosts your trustworthiness with potential customers, and it also signals your authority to search engines. As a result, this strategy gets you more leads and sales while also boosting your long-term SEO.

You Can’t Skip Digital Marketing
Although your company has probably been around since long before the internet, you can’t deny that the digital world has changed a lot of things. That includes where your customers look for information about the problems they have and manufacturing solutions that are available.

As a manufacturing company, you can take advantage of the digital marketing strategies in this article to keep your company up-to-date without breaking the bank. Merely being present online and having a modern website with relevant information is a big step forward, and the other techniques build from there.

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