Facebook - Is It Right for Manufacturing Companies?

June 26, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Incorporating a social media marketing strategy in your overall marketing strategy can’t be avoided at any cost. With so much people present on Facebook every day (the stats for the first quarter of 2018 show that there are 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users), businesses around the world are trying to tap into that vast pool of potential prospects. Facebook is an excellent opportunity to raise their brand awareness, increase their number of followers, and eventually improve their conversion rates.

But what about manufacturing companies? Their Facebook pages are probably not the first you’d think of when trying to find an example of a “fun business page on Facebook.” If you want social presence but don’t sell directly to consumers, it can be even more difficult to leverage the power of Facebook. Let’s take a look at what manufacturing companies can do to get promoted on Facebook.

Like Your Clients’ Pages

Brands often interact with each other, which broadens their exposure and reach. You can share news and events while tagging each other in your posts, as well as promote your products. By creating and sharing relevant content that your followers will care about, you’ll be able to overcome the difficulties that keep manufacturing companies away from Facebook and other SM platforms.

Launch a Contest for Your Audience
Launch a contest for your Facebook followers to boost your audience growth. It’s an opportunity to grow your audience and fan base, but also to reward your current followers. So, launch a contest or a giveaway and have the contesters to like your page, share the contest info, and provide their email if they want to participate. Also, you can ask your fans to share an inspiring story related to your business, so you can get them to be creative and create compelling stories that you can use in your further marketing endeavors.

Think Like a Consumer
The primary goal of any marketing strategy is to reach people you otherwise wouldn’t and provide value to your clients. You need to think like a consumer, not like a marketer. Ask yourself, “Who am I talking to? Why am I doing this? What am I getting from this? Is this relevant to me in any way?” It is essential for every marketer to know how to switch from a marketer’s way of thinking to a consumer’s one.

Unlike other social media networks, such as LinkedIn (which is business-oriented), Facebook favors consumer-oriented relationships and is more laid back. Manufacturing companies can use it to create new relationships while strengthening the existing base, increase brand awareness, and generate leads.

As a manufacturer, create a company profile so you could grow your fan base and gain ‘likes.’ Focus on communicating positive messages that will solidify your brand in the realm of social media. When creating these messages, use plenty of photos, videos, and graphs because visual content stimulates and engages today’s audiences more than other forms of content. Set everything up, sit back, and watch your fan base grow.

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