Guide to Paid Ads on Twitter

June 19, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Facebook ads are well-known for their advanced targeting system, while Instagram can boast about 2 million monthly advertisers. However, don't disregard Twitter’s capacities in marketing for manufacturers. Twitter is different than Facebook and Instagram and offers its own unique set of branding opportunities.

Twitter is invaluable when it comes to building an organic following, but it also offers various paid ad options to can help you get in front of your target audience that could bring more value to your organization. Here are the options for paid ads on Twitter.

Three Categories of Twitter Ads

  1. Promoted Accounts
    Promoted accounts are the most powerful tool for brands who want to increase their following there. By developing your Twitter account, your new prospects will see your account in the front and center of their “Who to Follow” section. Promoted accounts are considered helpful and relevant by most Twitter users.
  2. Promoted Tweets
    Some consider promoted tweets to be the most important aspect of Twitter advertising. A promoted tweet is like a billboard in offline advertising. Through fostering specific tweets, you can shine regarding ad performance, personality, and creativity, as the purpose of these ads is to drive traffic and increase leads. Use static images, GIFs, or short videos to capture your audience’s attention.
  3. Promoted Trends
    You can also put yourself on top of the trending topics for your audience and get your business in front of even more followers. It’s simple – create a branded hashtag and add it to an announcement, event, or promotion. It will encourage followers to click, pushing your development even further. People are trend-followers, and a promoted hashtag will spark your audience’s curiosity to find out more about your business and start a conversation about it.

Types of Twitter Campaignstwitter bird
There are several types of Twitter ads that you can use (in combination or alone) to create your campaigns. What kind of campaign you will produce depends on your campaign objective.

  • Awareness Campaign
    The only type of Twitter campaign where pricing for ads is on impression (CPM or cost per thousand - the price of 1,000 ad impressions on one webpage). Make sure to create a Tweet that will cause your audience to take some action.
  • Tweet Engagements
    Create a tweet and promote it to start conversations about your brand. What you pay for is the initial engagement with each user, not for ongoing organic engagement or impressions that don’t result in engagement.
  • Video Views Campaign
    The goal of video views campaign is to get as many users as possible to view your videos. You pay per video view, when a user takes the video off mute, clicks to watch in full screen, or sees two seconds of it in the timeline.
  • Followers Campaign
    For Followers Campaign; engagement and impressions are free, and you pay only for each follower you gain.
  • Lead Generation Campaign
    These campaigns require you to pay per lead collected. Create a Tweet, promote it, and incorporate a Lead Generation Card. These cards allow users to share their info, such as name and email, with a few clicks within the Twitter interface. When you collect this information, you can download them in CSV format.

Everyone who wants to increase their manufacturer brand awareness, gain more followers, or promote Tweets to their target audience should give Twitter Ads a chance. Sign up for access, determine which ad options suit you best, and start developing your business with Promoted Tweets, Trends, or Accounts. 

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