How Manufacturers Can Use Social Media as Part of Their Digital Marketing Strategy

October 30, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Social media is a powerful tool for any digital marketing strategy and includes manufacturing businesses as well.

If you are a manufacturer, and you’re not using social media as part of your marketing strategy, then you need to rethink the entire process. Most large and small B2B companies are using all the major social media platforms, and they’re doing it with increasing efficiency.

Manufacturers are a smaller part, but they too are getting better and better. If you want to be good at competing with them, you will have to start developing your marketing plan that includes social media, because it is a massive part of today’s marketing, no matter the business type.

Use Facebook to Promote Your Brand
Facebook is by far the largest social media platform with almost 1.5 billion daily users. It makes it a perfect location for brand promotion. Even though it seems to be consumer driven, perfect for B2C companies only, it’s still a great place for B2B businesses as well, because such a large number of people that regularly use the platform cannot and must not be ignored.

Video is important
The video is now the most significant part of all effective marketing campaigns. According to recent research, more than 70% of marketers say that video improves their ROIs. Furthermore, 99% of companies that are already using videos in their marketing campaigns say that they will continue to do so.

All of this means that it’s time to brainstorm on how to use videos in your marketing strategy. Depending on your exact business model, you can do a lot with video, from showing behind the scenes footage to creating explanatory videos.

Never Forget Mobile
In recent years, the trend has been that people everywhere are switching to mobile for many of their needs, especially when using social media. That’s why you need to ensure that all of your online content is mobile friendly.

Use LinkedIn to Connect with Partners
Since partnerships play a crucial role in manufacturing, you could use a platform where you can easily interact with them. There’s no better place for that than LinkedIn. The whole platform is designed to allow business people to connect easily. Consider signing up for it as soon as possible and create a company page as well.

Social Sharing Plan
You can create amazing and high-quality content for your social media marketing campaign, but it won’t matter much unless it’s being shared. However, even simple sharing is often not enough. It’s much better to develop a whole plan on who will share what and when. For example, marketing directors and sales reps should share content pieces in advance on their profiles to increase brand awareness and add faces to your brand, as this appeals to most people.

All in all, you should start considering all these methods and developing additional strategies and testing them out to see what works the best. It won’t take long before you start seeing great results.

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