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How to Blog for Increased Awareness and Lead Generation

December 27, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Blogging is a useful and practical way to earn money for many individuals, but it’s also a valuable tool for manufacturing businesses. Blogging can explain your brand, show the benefits of your products and services, and much more, in ways that no other mediums can.

Blogging is also in other areas of digital marketing, like increasing brand awareness and generating leads. This text will teach how you can achieve that and effectively improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

Blog Like a Pro for Increased Awareness
Blogging is a way for increasing brand awareness as it targets a vast audience that has many questions and expects to find answers online. With proper SEO tactics in your blogs, you can be one of the search results a large audience will see.

With high-quality content, every time someone searches for answers you provide, they will see you first. So it’s not all about good writing, it’s also about higher quality that involves good writing combined with search engine optimization.

For this to have long-term effects, you need to be consistent with your blogs, at least a couple of posts every month. It’s not much, but it provides results that give a lot of merit to your effort.

Blog Like a Pro for Better Lead Generation
Increased awareness is followed by increased lead generation. Proper content will generate these leads, and that content can be found in your blogs as well.

By providing credible information, industry news, and addressing the pains your readers have, you will inevitably generate leads and potential customers, as you will adequately present your blogs as a valuable source of the information they seek.

It also improves the value of your brand and showcases to the reader that they should do business with you and no one else.

Essential Tips for Great Blogging

  1. Your content should adequately point out your values.
  2. Provide as much value with as little commitment required on the reader’s side.
  3. Content must be educational and informative!
  4. Showcase your expertise in the industry, but don’t make that the main point of the text.
  5. Give solutions to the problems your customers have (present your product as one of the best answers.)
  6. Post your social media links.
  7. Don’t force your products and services on the reader, do it unobtrusively.
  8. Sales language is outdated and ineffective, so there’s no need for it.
  9. Point out the benefits of doing business with you, don’t force yourself on the reader.
  10. Be easy to understand with your writing.
  11. Improve content with adequate links that will further expand the readers’ knowledge on the subject you’re covering
  12. Use videos and images to illustrate what you’re writing about
  13. Infographics are a perfect type of content as they’re visually incisive and easy to comprehend

The good part here is that you can measure the effects of blogging to see how good you are. However, if you combine the tactics we provided here with everything else we told you, you’ll improve your business for sure.

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