How to Protect Your Business From Hackers

December 15, 2020 / By Lewis Robinson

Modern businesses have many modern advantages thanks to recent advancements in technology. This takes many forms, from B2B e commerce and social media marketing. These unique tools of the digital age can augment a business by boosting efficiency and efficacy, but there’s a downside. The more that businesses lean on these online advantages, the greater the odds of encountering digital threats. These are the tips your business needs in order to protect its valuable data from hackers.

MMG Growth SystemProtecting Consumers
One of the most important ways that you can protect your company from hackers is by first protecting your customers’ personal information. E commerce is an incredibly valuable tool for various business models, but it also represents a juicy target for bad actors. This is because your customers will have to voluntarily provide some key personal data as part of the transaction process, and transactions that take place on an unsecure website can allow hackers to intercept that data in order to steal your customers’ identities. An encryption protocol such as TLS is therefore necessary for keeping that information out of the wrong hand, but this protocol isn’t part of the internet by default. The owners of individual websites are responsible for providing this essential security feature.

In addition, providing your website with encryption protection is a necessary step in making your company visible online. This is because search engines like Google prioritize secure websites over unsecure websites in their search results in order to protect users from data theft and malware. On the subject of malware, unsecure websites can also be hacked more easily, and that often means that they become malware laden traps for unsuspecting internet browsers. By protecting consumers from hackers, you’re not only ensuring that you have a loyal customer base, but also protecting your company directly.

Another potential pitfall for modern businesses is user end apps. Apps are quickly becoming the norm for businesses of all kinds, because these apps can increase engagement and sales by giving consumers another way to engage with the company question and, more importantly, an outlet that the average person always has on hand. However, these apps are produced quickly and cost effectively thanks to publicly available APIs. Application Programming Interfaces give companies vital shortcuts for app production, but those shortcuts can be used against them, because APIs are publicly available not only to you, but also to hackers. Hackers can use APIs to find the flaws inherent in apps made with them, and that can spell disaster for your users and your company without proper API security considerations.

Protecting Your Staff
Another crucial way that you can keep your company safe from cyber attacks is by protecting your employees. Every time your staff engages with the internet, directly or indirectly, that represents a potential point of failure that hackers can exploit in order to infiltrate your network. Password security is one of the most common faults within a network, and most security breaches are the result of simple mistakes made by users. First and foremost, this problem can be abated by giving your employees some basic cyber security training. Learning the best practices associated with browsing the internet safely is a great place to start, but there are ways to provide additional layers of protection to users in order to minimize the risks associated with a compromised password. Passwordless login and multi factor authentication are taking root among businesses and even end user apps for this exact purpose. By confirming the identity of users via their smartphones, these security measures can make it virtually impossible for hackers to infiltrate your network by exploiting your employees’ login credentials alone.

Protecting Your Network
While taking care of the people that make your business successful is essential for keeping your business healthy, it amounts to nothing if your own network is open to threats. That means that protecting yourself from hackers is the final piece of the puzzle without which your company remains a sitting duck. The first step to protecting your business’s network is installing the right software. Cyber security software serves as the best way to fight tech with tech in order to outwit hackers.

The most basic form of cyber security software is antimalware software. Malware is one of the most prevalent tactics employed by hackers, and you can only protect yourself from this threat using, first, digital literacy and, second, antimalware software. Again, human error accounts for the majority of security breaches, and this kind of software helps to mitigate the damage when mistakes inevitably occur. DDoS prevention software is no less important. While DDoS attacks are hard to organize and pull off, when they do occur, they can be devastating to businesses, and the best way to fight this kind of elaborate cyber attack is by using software to fight software.

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