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How To Use Gmail Integrations For Maximum Productivity

December 21, 2021 / By James J. Watson

If you are using Gmail daily as a part of your workday, you might want to consider adding some valuable integration tools.

Integration tools are designed to work with your existing Gmail account and are easy to install and use immediately. There are many different tools available to boost the productivity of your business, including integrations, like the ones from Better Agency, to improve your customer service.

Ever found it difficult to track that running project? Need to discuss emails in groups without forwarding a bunch all over the place? Want to connect better with customers and co-workers? Automating the customer onboarding sound good? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to continue reading.

Here is how to use Gmail integrations for your business, which will leave you feeling accomplished:

  1. Analyze Email Activity

    There are integrations available that would be able to assist you by keeping track of important email data. The word count, response times, and much more can be tracked on this nifty integration.

    Once you start tracking your email activity, you will have a clear picture of how productive you are, especially while working with your Gmail account. Daily, weekly, or monthly reports will help you to monitor your productivity and your employees’.

  2. Add Video Conferencing

    Do you need to schedule meetings with co-workers or clients but do not have a proper space to do so? There’s no need to look any further. Just add a video conferencing tool to your Gmail account.

    Video conferencing has become very popular, and it makes it easier for colleagues to communicate for company or staff meetings. It is also more convenient for customers, as the meeting does not have to be scheduled in person, which saves travel costs and time.

    In short, all you have to do is download and add a video conferencing integration to your Gmail account, and you are all set to go!

  3. Improve Customer Relations Management (CRM)

    With CRM integrations that are easy to use and install, you can easily be on top of all matters relating to your customers.

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    Open tickets, assign tasks, provide feedback, and manage your customer relations all with your Gmail account. Now you can up your customer service levels and leave your customers feeling happy and satisfied with your services.

    Automating some parts of the customer service could be done too. Customer onboarding may have been a cumbersome, paperwork-filled chore in the past, but it’ll no longer be since you just have to use an integration tool that can take care of that process for you.

  4. Track Projects

    There are great options to add to your Gmail account that will assist you to track projects with ease. By adding a project management integration to your Gmail account, you can effectively keep an eye on projects and make sure you stay on top of the progress made.

    Employees or co-workers who use the same tool will lead to a more collaborated effort. You can work on projects together, from start to finish.

  5. Collaborate With Co-Workers

    From internal company chats to collaborative groups and discussions, you can use an integrated tool for that on your Gmail account. These integrations are made for the company who values the participation of their employees, and they could help you to communicate in a more effective way.

    You’ll get to share ideas and information quickly and easily with a group or individually. With better communication, more precious time is saved.

  6. Safely Share Files

    In the age of information technology, file sharing has become a daily occurrence between colleagues and departments.

    So why not send a file attached to an email? Safety first, as always. Sending files via email is not the most secure way of relaying your important company data. Having a file sharing integration for your Gmail account will ensure that your data stays for your company’s eyes only. Access can be restricted to users from the company only, which makes it more secure than sending it in a general email.

    Because it has become seemingly easy for digital platforms to be hacked, most companies have beefed up their internet and email security. This may result in your email with its attachment being sent to spam, junk mail, or blocked entirely from delivery.

Final Thoughts

Using Gmail integrations for your business will not only make your job easier but will also make you more productive. If well-known companies from all over the world can use these integrations in their work environment successfully, so can you.

If there is an area of productivity that you would like to improve on, look for the right tool for the job and integrate it with your Gmail accounts for your business. You just have to work smarter.

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James J. Watson
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