Manufacturing Needs Digital Marketing - here’s why

November 10, 2017 / By Bruce McDuffee

Thank you to Tim Doyle of TopSpot Internet Marketing for sharing this fantastic infographic. Digital MarketingIn a nutshell, yes, manufacturers do need digital marketing. The sales team can’t get it done, and you can’t scale a sales team. Bottom line, manufacturers need to be sharing useful, helpful content to gain awareness, credibility, and more sales.

Here’s why manufacturers need digital marketing:
  • 90% of your target audience uses internet search first when sourcing a new supplier. What this means is that manufacturers need to meet their potential customers where they shop which is on the internet. Your information must be available and findable with the search engines.
  • So just how do you get your information to be findable? Not only does your information need to show up, but it also needs to show up on page 1! 88% of the 5.5 billion searches per day (2 trillion per year) are more likely to click on a website that shows up on page one. The good news is that you can be on page one, but it takes some outstanding, relevant content. Your product page probably won’t show up. Your 24-page ebook very well may show up at the top, depending on the search terms being used.
  • Another interesting and vital statistic is that over 50% of searches occur on a mobile device. Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you get penalized by the Google search algorithm in mobile search results. Get your website designed for mobile viewing right away if you haven’t already done it.
  • What exactly is the type of content your audience is looking for? Here’s the list:
    • 82% look at technical information
    • 79% look at pricing information
    • 56% look for reviews and testimonials (77% find online reviews valuable when choosing a vendor)
    • 25% look at video content
    • 17% look at case studies or white papers
    • 5% look for blog posts
  • 59% of those surveyed for the infographic request a quote from 3 to 5 vendors for one purchase. Wondering how you can win the order? The secret is to be sharing useful content well before they get to the RFQ phase. When you position your firm as the go-to expert by sharing expertise, you become the preferred vendor. They might still get 3 - 5 quotes, but it will be yours to lose.

And, the excellent news is that they’ll probably be willing to pay a little more for your company because you already have credibility and have established some reciprocity with the prospective customer.

Download the TopSpot infographic here.

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