Top 6 Keys to Designing a Successful Video for your Brand

January 11, 2018 / By Shawn Marshall

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If you are planning to design an amazing video for your brand, here I have a mini guide for you that is surely going to help. Have a look:

Understand Your Video Audience

The primary objective of creating marketing videos is to gain the attention of people and for this purpose you need to understand your viewers. The language, tone and overall idea your viewers respond to have to be adequately understood to create a successful and proper marketing video. For example, if your product is for children then you can use colorful and imaginative illustrations to gain their attention. Simply, you have to make a video that your targeted customers can relate to.

Center your video on the story and not the sale

The internet is full of marketing videos based only on the sale that is simultaneously annoying and repelling your customers and viewers. Center your marketing video on a strong and relatable story that your audience find’s appealing. A research made by visible measures shows that about one-fifth of your viewers will click away from your marketing video in ten seconds or less. So making a boring video based only on sale will not do you any favors.

Stand out from the crowd

Every brand is making marketing videos, and we all know how annoying mainstream marketing videos can get. So, try to make your marketing video different and more unique. Make it more interesting so that it doesn’t force your audience to click away. For example, adding some sort of comedy in your marketing videos can instantly grab the attention of your users.

Entertain your viewers

The worst thing to do with your marketing strategy is to create a dull and boring marketing video. Your videos should be exciting and entertaining. People don’t want marketing puff pieces the focus only on numbers they want to laugh and enjoy. So, make a video that will capture the attention of your audience and will also be enjoyable.

Production value

The production level of your marketing video does not have to be like Hollywood, but at least it shouldn’t feel like someone made the video on their smartphone. If you want your marketing and corporate videos to engage the viewers and impact them then like any other product you need to put some work and investment in them. The best strategy is to hire professionals. There will undoubtedly be many professional movie makers in your area that are both good at what they do and affordable. You can also recruit some media students for an internship which will get you a solid marketing video and also get them some valuable experience.

Promotion of your video on the proper platforms

Now that the artistic process of creating the video is completed you have to start planning about how to get your content to the world. According to many filmmakers, a video is not complete until it is viewed by an audience. Choosing the right platform to launch and promote your video is critical. You should advertise your video on websites like YouTube and other social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. You should also consider promoting your video on your local television channels.

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