Organizational Behavior Plays A Big Role In Industrial Business Management

February 04, 2020 / By Lewis Robinson

When you want to remain productive, you must find ways to streamline your workday at the office. Organizational behavior changes how you approach your work, and you can apply these lessons to different parts of your company. You should think of all the ways that changing your workflow can help your business. Also, you want to make a good impression on your clients when they work with you or visit your facility.
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Discuss How To Organize Your Documents
Your company must learn how to organize paperwork efficiently. You must save all the documents that your clients send to your office. You must file new documents in the right place, and you must know who receives these documents throughout the day.

You might create a filing system in the office that utilizes file folders and cabinets. Also, you may want to use a cloud storage program to file your digital paperwork in the right place. You need to know how to find these papers easily in the future, and you must have a search function that makes it easy to find old documents. If you do not have contracts and documents sent over by your clients, you might not get paid. Plus, a missing document could cost your company a lot of money in court.

Discuss The Chain Of Command
Everyone in your office needs to know where they are supposed to report. Plus, your employees need to know who handles certain parts of the business. If the CFO manages collections on your account, all those calls must be forwarded to the CFO. If the office manager handles employee discipline, all those complaints should be submitted to the office manager.

Your employees can easily send complaints or issues up the chain of command until they are resolved. Plus, everyone but the president or CEO has a boss that they report to. You can easily grade performance throughout the office using this chain of command, and there is no confusion about how the office is managed. When you do not have a chain of command, your office looks disorganized. Your clients do not want to work with a disorganized company, and they might go elsewhere.

Create Training Programs For Your Staff
When your staff has a chain of command to follow, they understand how to get promoted. Your managers and high-level officials have a certain amount of training, and everyone on your staff should be free to get that training. You can show your team that they will get promoted if they have this level of training, and can stay with your company confidently because they know you have a succession plan in the office.

Also, your clients must understand that you have this program in place. When you work with clients for a long time, they will grow accustomed to working with certain people. When those people get promoted, your clients will understand that you value your employees. Plus, these clients will have more connections inside your company. This makes the clients feel like they are part of the family.

Create A Standard Pay Scale
It would be best if you created a standard pay scale for your office so that there is no confusion about the money everyone makes. You can assign a salary to each job, and you can raise that salary based on the years of experience each person has. For example, someone who just became the office manager makes less than an office manager who has five years of experience. However, everyone in your company knows how much the office manager makes.

You can avoid uncomfortable questions or a lack of trust in the office when you are transparent about how much you pay your staff. Your employees do not need to ask each other who is making the most money. Plus, no one in the office is given a “sweetheart” deal that pays them more than the average worker.

If your employees believe that someone new makes a lot more money than them, they will be angry or leave. Plus, your employees can create realistic goals for themselves because they see how much money they can potentially make.

The tips listed above will help you manage an efficient and comfortable office. You need to keep your employees happy, and you should be transparent about performance review and salary. You can create a pay scale that is easy to follow. You can create a promotion system that involves standardized training, and you can use a paperwork system that is easy to understand. You will get more work done during the day, and your employees will be happier when they come to work.

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