These 10 Common Webinar Misconceptions Are Your Opportunity

By Bruce McDuffee December 12, 2017

A customer focused, educational, well-executed webinar can generate thousands of registrants and..

Create an Audience Facing Mission Statement for High Engagement, Brand Awareness, and More Leads

By Bruce McDuffee December 9, 2017

Whether you're landing on the moon or growing a manufacturing business, your mission statement..

Want Marketing Respect? Learn to Talk the C-Suite Language

By Bruce McDuffee December 7, 2017

According to a study performed by the Fournaise Marketing Group in July of 2012, 80 percent of..

Persist with Good Ideas & Shout Success from the Hilltops

By Bruce McDuffee December 6, 2017

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”  — Mark Twain

5 Tips for Marketing to Engineers

By Bruce McDuffee December 2, 2017

Many manufacturing companies sell to engineers who either make or influence the buying decision.

Mapping Out the Customer Journey for Your Email Campaign

By Kimberly Maceda November 30, 2017

Not all customers are made equal. Even when your end goal is to have them make a purchase or..

The Magic of a Pilot Program to Prove Your Marketing Concept

By Bruce McDuffee November 28, 2017

Sometimes you just have to go ahead and do something different, then share the fantastic..

The One Secret to a Great Webinar

By Bruce McDuffee November 25, 2017

I produced and moderated a live webinar last week. 1285 engineers registered and 704 attended...

No, Your Target Market should not be 'Everyone'

By Bruce McDuffee November 23, 2017

Is your target market 'everyone'? And why shouldn't it be everyone? The bigger the pond, the..

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