A Simple 2 Stage Sales Funnel for Manufacturers

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

Within the manufacturing buyer process, there are really only two sales funnel stages. The top..

Grow Your Business When You Stop Talking About Products

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

What if I told you there was a way your manufacturing firm could increase annual growth rates to..

Persuasion and Influence for Manufacturing Business Development

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

If you're going to prosper in the coming years, your manufacturing business development team..

8 Sure-fire Ways to Increase Lead Form Conversions

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

We’ve all got one. The contact form is ubiquitous, and I challenge you to find a website without..

Understand Your Target Audience

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

A 5 part series about key success factors for a manufacturing marketing team

The manufacturing..

Content Marketing - What is it? Why Should Manufacturers Care?

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

"Content Marketing" seems to be the latest buzzword on the Manufacturing Marketing scene. Sure,..

Creating Content is Easier Than You Think - Repurpose!

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

I'm a big advocate of sharing expertise that solves a problem for the people in your target..

Do You Have Service Level Agreements Between Sales and Marketing?

By Bruce McDuffee January 29, 2019

Sales and marketing alignment is no longer a new trend but a shift within many organizations..

Great Topic Ideas Generate Leads - here's how you find one

By Bruce McDuffee January 26, 2019

The Sweet Spot of Engagement

The best way to engage with your target audience is with a highly..

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