Perks of Hiring Professionals to Market your Manufacturing Business

September 11, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

How do you handle marketing at your business? Do you handle it yourself? Or do you have a dedicated in-house team relentlessly working to promote your brand? Have you considered hiring outside experts?

Marketing is integral to the success of manufacturing, and it’s important to learn about all your options to achieve it. That’s why it might be worth looking into the perks of hiring professionals. It might be the solution that can take your business to the next level.

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Instant Know-How and Experience
The main reason manufacturing businesses decide to hire marketing professionals is to get a particular set of skills which their current team is unable to provide.

When it involves short-term projects, experts usually step in because the job requires specialized work. Because of the short life cycle of the project, it’s simply more effective to hire someone than to train a team member.

Alternatively, manufacturing companies also require high-quality support to create marketing strategies. Without expertise, it would be challenging for a small manufacturer to know where to start, what channels to invest, what campaigns works, and how to manage everything effectively.

There are also other instances when it’s highly advisable for manufacturing businesses to request professional help:

  • Launching a new product or campaign;
  • Starting the company to help reach initial milestones;
  • Re-branding the company;
  • Targeting new, previously untapped markets;
  • Replacing key members from the marketing department;
  • Evaluating success and why your digital marketing isn’t working;
  • Experiencing a change in ownership or other significant transitions.

Achieving Cost Effectiveness
The rates businesses pay seasoned professionals for their services cost less than you think. While it might seem high when viewed at face value, a single fee usually covers all the expenses associated with running marketing campaigns. The price includes the cost of:

  • creating campaigns (content, design, ads);
  • advertising them (publishing and financing ads on different platforms)
  • evaluating them (monitoring analytics and re-distributing resources for conversion);
  • reporting (insight into the success of all marketing efforts).

And when you consider the cost of an employee which includes recruiting, salary, taxes, and other expenses, hiring a professional seems like a smart investment.

Seamless Integration into Existing Processes
Marketing consultants with decades of experience working for manufacturing companies know how to enter a project quickly and exit once it’s complete. Their expertise allows them to assess the project quickly, gain information, monitor performance, communicate results and transition the work to your staff once the job is complete.

Without the need for constant oversight, it allows you to remain focused on more significant tasks rather than the day-to-day activities.

An Objective Vantage Point
When they take on manufacturing companies, marketing professionals are focused only on one thing – completing the job. Although they might not share your company culture, values or mission goals, it’s not part of their work. Their mission is to give you quality results.

Because of this, consultants have an objective overview of the process inside your organization. They can quickly spot integral rifts, offer suggestions and new ideas, or improve existing efforts. Of course, you always retain the option to dismiss their advice, but it also might give you fresh insight into how to grow your business.

Should You Hire Professionals?
The perks are clear – hiring marketing professionals can help manufacturing companies on numerous fronts. It boosts your existing efforts, cuts costs and can even increase productivity without interfering with the vision or goals you have set for the future of your business. It’s worth looking into.

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