Quick Guide - Developing a Manufacturing Marketing Plan

July 31, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Manufacturing marketers may find themselves working in circles without accomplishing anything. It happens when you don’t lay out a clear industrial marketing strategy to guide you. Many manufacturing companies are in their first phases when it comes to content marketing because they’ve been slower to adopt the practices of content marketing (when compared to other industries). And as for those that have a marketing strategy, only a “handful” have documented them.

The result is investing money in content marketing but not always spending energy and time in developing a plan that marketers can be tied to their marketing investments. Here’s a quick guide on how to create and follow through a manufacturing marketing plan.

1. Look at What Your Competitors are Doing 

Knowing what your competitors are doing and how they find success can give you helpful ideas and insights to build your strategy off and help you drive it. So, before you go on a hunt, you need to get familiar with the landscape. To get to valuable resources and digital marketing insights, you can use tools for paid and organic social media, website analytics, SEO, affiliate marketing, programmatic advertising, email marketing, and others.

2. Talk to Professionals 

How to develop your manufacturing plan for the year? Consult with a professional, whether it’s an outside partner or your internal marketing team. First, you need to get on the right marketing track, and then track that success. That’s where a professional comes into play to help you establish realistic milestones and measure your progress.

3. Adjust Your Marketing Plan on the Go 

There are always several ways to achieve your goals. Identify the goals firstly, but pay attention to all the opportunities that may come along the way. Keep track of the manufacturing marketing trends you could build into your marketing strategy. Talk to your team about how any changes might affect your plans.

4. Document Everything 

Documenting your project allows you to revisit it as many times as you want and adjust it to keep all your strategies focused on the primary goal. Many manufacturing marketers say that their content marketing strategy guides their content marketing efforts. By using your plan, mistakes can be avoided, and to continue your success. It is valuable for giving clear direction for your company, and the strategic plan utilized as a training resource for new employees.

5. Measure for Success 

Whatever tools you use, you should have your digital marketing metrics in place for tracking progress. Make sure to keep them visible to your team so they can have all the milestones and goals visible and on top of their minds. It will help keep everyone on track. 

Follow this guide to develop and execute your manufacturing marketing plan and tie your dollars back to your marketing investments. Develop a written strategy, choose your digital marketing tools and procedures, and move forward. As a manufacturing company, your place in the industry is different from that of other companies. That’s why you need to create your own, unique marketing strategy that the team will follow.

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