Remarketing and Retargeting to Generate Leads and Awareness for Manufacturers

April 12, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

Manufacturing companies are finally catching up with other industries and using digital marketing to generate leads and improving brand awareness. There are plenty of digital marketing strategies that manufacturing companies can leverage. Remarketing or retargeting are just some of those clever tactics that you should include in your strategy.

In the past, it was mostly online retailers who were putting remarketing campaigns into actions. However, remarketing and retargeting have evolved, allowing B2B industries to leverage these digital marketing methods to help marketers nurture potential clients.

What is remarketing and retargeting?
Remarketing helps you reconnect with people who have visited your website or used your movie app. Remarketing is an excellent way to reach out the people who left your website without buying anything. It’s is an effective way to increase your ROI and conversion rates dramatically. Remarketing and retargeting are often used interchangeably. While similar, remarketing is typically the term used to re-engage customers via email while retargeting is usually used to describe display ads and ad placement.

Here’s how you can use remarketing and retargeting to improve brand awareness and generate more leads:

Remarketing and Retargeting Ads
When people have visited your website and leave, you can retarget them with remarketing ads that displaying them and reminding people why they visited your site in the first place. You can even segment your remarketing ads to show specific ads to certain audiences based on your prospective customer’s criteria. Remarketing ads can be used to display the products your visitors viewed, prompting them to revisit your site.

Because remarketing ads are placed all across the web, your visitors will see them on the sites they visit. This builds brand awareness as it gives the impression that your brand is much bigger than it really is.

Segment Visitors by Funnel Stage
If you want to speak directly to the needs of your customers, don’t treat them all the same. Split up your remarketing campaigns using information on page views, page visits, and how much time visitors spend on your site. By segmenting visitors unto ad groups, you can create different CTAs depending on the various funnel stages. What stage they’re at determines how nurturing or aggressive your messaging should be.

Offer Discounts or Special Offers to Product Page Viewers or Repeat Visitors
By offering discounts to a lost shopping cart visitor, you're giving them an incentive to return and make the purchase. There is any number of reasons why they didn't push through with the purchase and left your sales funnel; price may be one of them. By remarketing, you're not only reminding them that they were once or may still be interested but also giving them the opportunity to buy at a discounted price that's far more attractive.

When it comes to digital marketing for manufacturing, remarketing and retargeting are clever tactics that should not be left out. They are excellent opportunities for you to improve brand awareness and generate leads because you can use create ads that are industry-specific by using relevant messages.

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