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Sales and Marketing Alignment - What Is It and Why Should Manufacturers Care?

January 22, 2019 / By Bruce McDuffee

Sales and marketing alignment is significant to companies as it’s all about the customer. In the simplest of terms – sales and marketing alignment is about finding a way for sales and marketing to work together.

But why does this matter for B2B business like manufacturing companies? This article will explain exactly that, and why you, as a manufacturer, should care about sales and marketing alignment.

What is the Sales and Marketing Alignment?
Like we said, sales and marketing alignment is the process of defining how these two vital aspects for every company can work together.

Even B2B companies need to think about how their clients buy and what motivates them to make a purchase.

These two things are vital because they determine if a customer is going to purchase from you. So, it stands to reason, that the two departments dealing with marketing and sales should be aligned as much as possible.

By aligning sales and marketing, a company can achieve several things:

  • Better lead quality
  • Improved customer experience,
  • Higher productivity, and most importantly
  • Higher revenues.

Why Should Manufacturers Care about Sales and Marketing Alignment?
The previously mentioned benefits should be enough for any business to care about sales and marketing alignment.

There’s not much more to it. Even though sales are about selling the company’s product and marketing is about getting people to buy the said product, making the two very different, they can operate more efficiently if they are aligned.

Even though many companies don’t think about it, the sales and marketing departments are two sides of the same coin. In the end, they are both there to ensure that people buy the company’s products and to increase the overall revenues.

Not having the two aligned is not a problem, but it is a lost opportunity for better workflow and an increase in profits.

When you look at it like that, it becomes clear why manufacturers (and all types of businesses for that matter) should care significantly about sales and marketing alignment.

How is the Sales and Marketing Alignment Achieved?
There are many things that you need to do to achieve this alignment as much as possible.

  • The two departments need to know each other’s operations, missions, goals, and objectives.
  • There needs to be constant communication between the two.
  • The two departments should be equal and have an equivalent say in important matters.
  • They need to develop and work on their cooperation.
  • The two departments need to provide feedback to each other for both to improve.
  • They need to define and agree on definitions of SALs, MQLs, SQLs, etc.

There are many more things that need to happen, but by accomplishing these few, the rest will follow quickly.

All in all, it’s vital for manufacturers to care about getting their sale and marketing departments to achieve better cooperation as it can only lead to many benefits while producing no problems.

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