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Sales and Marketing Alignment

February 02, 2019 / By Bruce McDuffee

KSF Number 4, Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Does the sales team know what the marketing team is doing on a daily basis and on a strategic basis?
  • Does each sales person know the value proposition, target market, and associated messaging?
  • Does the marketing team have a clue about the daily activities of the sales team or their needs, wants, frustrations, likes or dislikes about marketing activities or content?
In many cases, the answer to these questions is 'no'. There is much writing and commiserating about this topic. In this post by Kapost, there are numerous statistics shared about the details.  Alignment between these seemingly disparate functions is very hard to achieve. However, data shows that the firm that is able to accomplish alignment between sales and marketing will significantly outperform those firms that do not achieve alignment thus it is a KSF for the Manufacturing Marketing Team.

As a past marketing director in charge of global marketing strategy and regional execution, I experienced the difficulty in achieving alignment every day. Sales is busy and focused on doing everything they can to sell more. Marketing is working hard to generate demand through events, brochures, emails, etc. and never the twain shall meet, as they say.

The traditional approach to sales and marketing alignment is to force the sales team to learn about the marketing team and vice versa. Sometimes they are forced to share the same space. These brute force approaches often fail and, in some cases, make matters worse.

How about this idea for an innovative solution? Let's abolish the separate teams. No more sales team and no more marketing team. Of course we still need people to perform the roles, but let's put everyone on a Revenue team. The 'revenue team' includes includes roles that were called field sales, inside sales, field marketers, content developers, etc. The team would be lead by an individual with considerable sales management and marketing experience. Once this structure is changed, you are in a much better position to achieve alignment within one team versus struggling to align two disparate teams.

Check out this post at Content Marketing Institute for more compelling reasons why sales and marketing alignment are a key success factor for manufacturing marketers.

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