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The Benefits of Blogging for B2B Industrial Companies

September 03, 2019 / By Joshua Sherman

Many people, and maybe you are among them, think that marketing blog is for those who are communicating directly with customers, online shops or casinos. Meaning it is for the companies that are selling their products both online and offline. Therefore, if you are in the manufacturing business industry, it is possible to believe that there is no point in making a marketing blog. It is very likely that you can't think of one reason why would your business be interesting for the consumers.
However, this is a total misconception, and we will explain the reasons a bit later, but let’s first see what business blogging is.

Business Blogging
It is a fantastic marketing tactic that companies use to increase their visibility, and an increasing number of businesses are choosing to create an online marketing blog. The main point of creating a marketing blog is, of course, to be well connected with your customers. When they know that they can get honest and thorough information about the business, people become more attracted to it. This subsequently increases the traffic to your website. It is important to know that blogging doesn't necessarily include only texts. You can post other things as well, like videos, podcasts, how-to guidelines, and many others, and people will surely appreciate it. By creating a marketing blog, you will make a relationship of trust with your customers, whether they are consumers or other businesses you are working with.

In case you have a manufacturing business, a blog will enable you to offer different information and insights that can guide engineers, so they could improve their work, for example. But there is more to it, of course. How-to guides for the products your company made will surely make a number of consumers who like DIY adventures very happy.

Marketing Blog Ideas
Whether you are starting a blog that will address the consumers or a B2B marketing blog, you want to be somehow unique and, of course, better than competitors. The first thing you need to do is to brainstorm marketing blog ideas. Nobody knows what is your goal better than you and members of your team, so sit together and try to list all the topics that you think might be important. To get inspired, ask Google to see how some others have done it before.

Build a Strategy
As we mentioned previously, in the world of technology, everybody is choosing to blog as a way to communicate with their audience. It is the cheapest and fastest road to reach out to your clients and achieve the success you desire. Designing a marketing blog is fun and creative, but it is also competitive; therefore, you have to develop a good blog marketing strategy.

One way to reach your goals is to create an influencer marketing blog. It is a bit complicated and time-consuming project, but if you invest in it, you will see that there are a lot of benefits from it. People choose this influencer marketing as a strategy because it is a quick way to spread information about the business, establish authority in the field, and attract more customers.

When you opt for this kind of marketing blog, you need to find people who have a certain influence or authority in society and can communicate with a wider audience and are willing to cooperate with you. Influencer marketing strategy is an excellent option for those who, for example, want to create a marketing tech blog, but of course, you can use it for any kind of online marketing, and it will have great results. To get more ideas on how to develop this kind of strategy, you can follow this link.

Another way is to create an affiliate marketing blog. A lot of companies are choosing this strategy as it is a quick and, most important, extremely cost-effective tactic in the marketing world. This type of marketing is often used in sales because it is a good way to offer and sell products that your company didn’t produce. When you use affiliate marketing as a strategy, there are people writing catchy texts or making videos, designed to attract customer’s attention and engage with them. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in sales.

Final Words
Blogging is a fun and creative process that will certainly enable you to get to the place where you want to be in your field. As you can see, there are many benefits, so if you haven’t started by now, there aren't any reasons why you should wait. If, however, you already have a marketing blog, we would be very happy to read about your experiences. Please, share them with us in the comment section below.

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Guest blogger - Joshua Sherman is a writer, blogger, and passionate traveler. He liked writing as a child as well and later decided to use his writing skills for marketing blogging. Joshua likes to spend his free time riding a bicycle and training with his two dogs.

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