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Tips For Increasing Leads For Your Manufacturing Business

July 05, 2018 / By Bill Sheikh

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Guest blogger - Bill Sheikh founder of U-Thrive Marketing

If you’re looking for better ways to increase leads for your manufacturing business, you’re likely going to focus on two aspects - generating brand appeal and brand awareness. Meaning you’re probably going to need to improve on your overall marketing game, which is luckily something that is possible thanks to modern industry trends. Interestingly, it appears as though while lead generation might seem to be a somewhat technical matter, a dash of creativity and ingenuity may, in fact, transform your marketing game for the better. In this article, you’ll get tips for increasing leads for your manufacturing business.

The Appeal Of Lead GenerationConstuction lady
If you’ve ever wondered why lead generation is so important, perhaps it’s relevant to remember that brands who do show a remarkable lead generation strategy get 50-percent more sales-ready leads. Not only that but only 5 to 10-percent of qualified leads convert for marketers. However, it’s also interesting to take note that some lead generation methods cost 62-percent less than other strategies, but generates thrice as many prospects. Given the potential of lead generation as a powerful marketing tool, it’s no doubt a lot of marketers are turning their focus towards the concept. Unfortunately, 63-percent of marketers do consider lead generation as one of the toughest challenges they have in their campaigns. Is there any way to get through this hurdle?

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Increasing Leads For The Manufacturing Niche
If you’ve read the above, you’ve most likely gotten yourself a general idea as to the kind of benefits good lead generation may provide to your business or company. Digital marketing groups such as U-Thrive Marketing Tulsa may be of assistance to meet these goals. Now might be the time to read about some tips for increasing leads for your manufacturing business:

  1. Leverage on your existing customers and clients: One effective way of generating leads for your manufacturing business is to leverage on existing clients and customers you have. Try asking them if they want to “upgrade” their way of doing business with you by offering innovations every so often.
    • Existing clients may also know a couple of other interested companies that may benefit from your service.
    • You may also ask them for various testimonials you can use throughout your sales and marketing processes. These can range from testimonials on brochures, newsletters, landing pages, and websites. Reviews on sites such as Yelp can even help establish the reputation of your brand
  2. Amp up the game with new offerings:factory guy
    • Before you can even generate leads, you need to create appeal towards your prospects. This means establishing and building trust between you and your prospects, so you’ll slowly build the means necessary for them to come to you for help. You can do this by offering free scorecards, consultations, and assessments to website visitors.
    • While this can appear a bit disadvantageous from the start, do remember that what you’re doing is essentially giving them a reason why they should be working with you.
    • If you’re able to identify a weakness in the business that they had overcome because of your help, it’s likely that they’ll go to you for more help in the future as well. 
  3. Ensure your website is optimized to handle a lot of conversions:For your website or blog to achieve the objective of creating quality leads for your company, you need first to make sure your website can handle and encourage people to convert in the first place.
    • Make sure all of your content are up-to-date, complete, and accurate.
    • Create efficient forms that can capture various kinds of data that can help distinguish your visitors as potential leads.
    • Apply and integrate smart placements of calls-to-action (CTAs) all around your website that can continuously encourage visitors to take a step to connect with you - request a consultation, register for a webinar, download an ebook, or sign up for an email newsletter.
    • Be sure you have a means of following-up on leads that do get generated, and it’s recommended you do this quickly to establish a connection.
  4. Blogging can help secure your conversions:If your company has a website, you should also start blogging with it. Create valuable content that’s not only informative and entertaining but also relevant and important to your readers. Blogging is just the basic form of content you can release, but these can range from pictures, videos, graphics, and infographics designed to be of assistance to your consumers’ needs.
    • This essentially leverages your website as something that your industry consumers can rely on.
    • Be aware of the kind of keywords your industry uses so you know what forms of topics and content you can make that can appeal to your audience.
  5. Spread your name through industry events:One efficient way of getting your brand name out there is to make sure your targeted audience is aware you even exist. Try to find industry events your customers are usually attending and go there. If for instance, you’re targeting the logistics and supply chain space, participate in popular conferences there.
    • Don’t just set up a booth there, though, but instead prove you’re someone they can rely on. Give a presentation or a lecture, or even offer services to attendees.
    • Begin developing trust by providing some form of value to prospective buyers. You can demonstrate your expertise and set up meetings with potentially-interested parties. 

The Bottomline: Leads For Your Manufacturing Business
Generating leads for your manufacturing business can be quite challenging, especially given it’s a specific niche and industry. However, if there’s anything the above have shared, it’s that anything can be possible with an efficient and well-planned marketing strategy. Following the tips above, added with your unique take on the subject of lead generation, can significantly give you the push you need to get the leads you need and the returns you’re expecting. Remember, constant vigilance on the latest trends, applying them to your brand in a way that works, and expanding your reach are just some of the many yet efficient ways you can improve leads for your marketing business.

Author: Bill Sheikh

Bill Sheikh

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