Sales and Marketing Alignment

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

KSF Number 4, Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Does the sales team know what the marketing team is..

A Simple 2 Stage Sales Funnel for Manufacturers

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

Within the manufacturing buyer process, there are really only two sales funnel stages. The top..

Understand Your Target Audience

By Bruce McDuffee February 2, 2019

A 5 part series about key success factors for a manufacturing marketing team

The manufacturing..

Great Topic Ideas Generate Leads - here's how you find one

By Bruce McDuffee January 26, 2019

The Sweet Spot of Engagement

The best way to engage with your target audience is with a highly..

Quick Guide for Manufacturers: Diversifying Marketing Strategies

By Bruce McDuffee November 27, 2018

Everything in today’s business requires changes and diversification, and so should the case be..

Five Strategies for Manufacturers to Power Their Leads Pipeline

By Emma Orton October 18, 2018

This is a guest post. We welcome guest posts about helping manufacturers increase sales and/or..

3 Marketing Strategies All Manufacturing Companies Should Know About

By Bruce McDuffee October 9, 2018

As a manufacturer, the first thing that you should know about marketing strategies is that most..

3 Secrets to Boosting your Manufacturing Marketing

By Bruce McDuffee May 15, 2018

While traditional marketing tactics such as trade shows, word-of-mouth marketing, and print..

Remarketing and Retargeting to Generate Leads and Awareness for Manufacturers

By Bruce McDuffee April 12, 2018

Manufacturing companies are finally catching up with other industries and using digital..

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