Up Your Public Relations Game

January 05, 2021 / By Lewis Robinson

When creating a relationship with potential clients, you must use all the public relations tools at your disposal. You never know who might see and judge your real estate firm based on the media outlets you use, so make yourself look good in all ways.

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Get Yourself Seen
An important part of a successful PR campaign is to create a vision board of where you want to be in one to two years. What will it take to get your company’s name and message out to the general public and specifically to your targeted demographic. You want to be seen everywhere, and everywhere you are seen, you want your message to be on-brand. Create a cohesive brand by coalescing your logo, tag line, colors, spokesperson, etc. and then determine all the appropriate outlets you can use to get that message across.

Consider hiring someone to handle your social media marketing. This tech-savvy person can help create media content that appeals to your clients. Blogs containing articles on home decorating tips or important information for new homeowners or the different types of home-owners insurance can help turn your real estate office into a full-fledge company.

Make the Message High Quality
You want more than just a memorable jingle or a bright splash of color. To advertise how your real estate business stands apart from the competitors, you must focus on the message that will be remembered. Do your agents all have extensive roots in the area? Capitalize on their intimate knowledge of the local market. Is your record to report process streamlined and on-line? Focus potential clients on the quick turnaround to closing. Whatever it is that is the hallmark of your agency, sell that over and over.

Target Your Client
Look at the demographics of your past clients and determine where your biggest source of business might come from. You may be doing well with the first-time home buyers, but if you really want to capture more of the luxury real estate market, find where they are and go to them. Many younger buyers are fully invested in social media so make sure you have an Instagram account with clever hashtags where new buyers can post pictures of their homes that other potential clients might see.

Networking is extremely important for real estate companies, but it’s hard to know where to begin. Reach out to journalists at the local newspaper or radio station and make friends so that they know who you are and what you do and won’t feel awkward mentioning your company. In addition, send information to popular blogs and industry influencers. They may not mention you immediately but keep at it. Find local happenings at area churches and schools and offer to sponsor tables. Just by being out and about, you never know who you might run into.

Share Your News
Don’t be afraid to ask for coverage either. Oftentimes, bloggers and journalists are looking for new topics or stories to cover. Give them ideas where your real estate agency will be mentioned naturally such as stories about new employees or special properties you are currently listing. A home with historical significance easily makes an interesting write-up as does an agent who just bicycled cross country, for example. Always send pictures into the newspaper of your agents doing good deeds, working charitable events or donating money or supplies to schools or nursing homes. If you participate in a fun run together, get matching shirts so everyone knows who you are representing.

Evaluate and Regroup
Not every public relations effort you make will pay off equally well. Halfway into your goal, evaluate the results thus far to see if you’re moving in the right direction with regards to increase in sales. If you are, great! Keep up what you’re doing. If you haven’t seen even a slight uptick, reevaluate your strategies and brainstorm new ideas.

Running a public relations campaign for your real estate company could be a full-time job. Consider hiring someone just for this purpose. If all goes well, their salary should be easily paid with your new commissions.

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