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Webinars are all the Rage

March 31, 2021 / By Bruce McDuffee

Webinars are back, baby! What was once a boring and uninteresting medium compared to trade shows, is now all the rage. As we all know, the COVID has decimated the trade show landscape. Many venues will not offer live shows until 2022 at the earliest. If you need an alternative way to generate leads - try a webinar!

We're seeing manufacturers that used to rely on trade shows for lead generation start to use webinars in place of live events. And they're seeing great success! Audiences that were once not interested in virtual events are becoming highly interested and receptive to webinars.

The webinars that are offering education by sharing their expertise are seeing the best results. We've seen attendance (registrations to attending) rates as high as 70%! This type of attendance was unheard of before the age of COVID. On my best day prior to COVID, I was able to generate 55% attendance rate, and on average our best webinars would see about 35%. Registrations are also way up over last year.

Even product launch webinars are seeing high interest. Companies that relied on trade shows to launch new products are switching to webinars - and it's working amazingly well!

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Not sure what to talk about in your webinar? Here are a few ideas:

  • Launch a new product - This topic works exceptionally well for companies that sell through a distribution or reseller network.
  • Showcase your expertise - Pick a topic that solves a problem common to your target market and you are sure to hit the mark and generate renewed or new interest in your company.
  • Re-engage with your past customers - If you feel like your customers haven't heard from you in a while, webinars are a great way to re-introduce your company and your offering.
  • Tutorial - If your customers, distributors, or end users could use some training on your service or product, a webinar tutorial will not only help to re-engage and promote your offering, they work to cement your industry leadership and reinforce your expertise.

At MMG, we've produced hundreds of webinars so we know what works and what flops. Check out our full line of services:

  1. Do it Yourself - you can purchase our DITY Webinar Kit which includes
    • 65 Step Webinar Checklist
    • Document - '8 Steps for a Successful Webinar'
    • Access to our exclusive webinar; 'The Single Best Lead Generation Tactic - Webinars'
    • One hour consulting time with Bruce
  2. Turn-key Webinar Production
    • Full service production from concept to live broadcast to promoting the recorded version - all you need to do is provide a topic expert.
  3. Webinar Coaching
    • We teach you how to create and produce a webinar
  4. Consultation
    • We'll teach you how to execute an effective webinar.

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