What is Email Nurturing?

December 04, 2018 / By Bruce McDuffee

To put it in the simplest of terms, email nurturing is the process of gathering leads from your client base with the intention of getting them further through the decision-making pipe.

The entire practice is to retain your clients and to keep them devoted. It’s all about improving the loyalty your clients have for your brand. The method is beneficial due to the simple fact that returning or repeating customers are much better than new ones – some 67% better.

Returning clients are especially suitable for manufacturing businesses as our industry lives from long-lasting relationships.

The Basics of Email Nurturing
Keeping clients loyal to your brand is not a small or easy task. However, we can all agree that there’s only one truly reliable way to do it – keeping in touch with them.

That’s precisely where email nurturing comes in.

In this day and age, the process is somewhat automated, making it more comfortable than one would expect. However, it does require work and optimization.

Email nurturing is the pairing of two things – marketing automation and your CRM database.

As it’s all about having great emails that will entice clients and make them stay with your brand, we’ll move to the best nurturing emails you can make.

The Best Nurturing Emails
Since every good email nurturing practice starts with new leads that eventually become loyal clients, we’ll start there.

Marketing automation enables you to create automated welcoming emails for every new client. The key here is making them short and compelling, using summaries and bulleted forms to keep the readers invested. Include a call to action with your phone number, and make sure to provide links for additional information that they might need.

The next step is sending tutorials, how-to videos, and guides in your emails. The exact manner in which you make them depends on your exact business, but the key is always to be precise and intriguing.

Social media is everything now, which is why your emails need to include your links. However, it’s not enough that all of your emails contain social media links, you should have emails entirely dedicated to your social media matters. Anything that you feel might be interesting to them should be included in these emails.

Bonus Tips for Making Great Nurturing Emails

  • Others have already made it look great, so it’s always good to take pointers from them.
  • Send content. Have your clients choose their specific interests from a drop-down menu and create custom content for each interest.
  • The crucial thing behind the successfulness of email nurturing is that it’s personal. That’s why you need to pay attention who’s sending the emails to your clients. Generic email addresses naturally won’t work – it’s supposed to be someone who they know, like their account manager.
  • Respect unsubscription. Most businesses hate that option, but you still have to include and not make it hard to notice.

When it comes to email nurturing, as you can see, the best examples include work. If you want to keep as many clients as you can, you need to increase their loyalty, and the only way to do that is to optimize everything you give and be personal.

Use the tips we’ve given you in this text, and you’ll be on your way of having a successful email nurturing campaign.

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