What is Local Search Engine Optimization? Can Machine Shops Benefit?

October 25, 2018 / By Jonathan Alonso

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Local Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of optimizing the online presence to attract business from local searches performed on Google and other search engines. Local SEO is an effective way to market your business online. It helps different companies promote their products and services to local customers at the time they are looking for them. It uses a number of strategies like getting your website ranked on search engines, Google My Business Listing, business directories like FourSquare, Yelp, Yellowbook, Bing Places for Business and others. Millions of people use local searches daily to find the best businesses in their location. Machine Shop owners can benefit from local SEO to boost their business.

Performing well in local search rankings and Google 3 Pack results are highly significant for any type and size of business. They are enormous opportunities for businesses of all sizes to get exposure and get new customers. Google Snack Pack is a boxed area which appears on the first page of the search result when a user does a local online search. This box displays the top 3 local business listings most relevant to the search query. A study states that 33% of the clicks go to the snack pack results. Any business that succeeds in showing up in local search results and Google Maps 3 Pack results for relevant keywords get increased exposure and thousands of more views on the website. Machine shops can learn how to show up in local search results by utilizing local SEO and optimization for 3 Packs to get sustainable business growth.

‘Near Me’ search trend is growing considerably and have become critical in local marketing. CNC machine shop owners can benefit from optimizing for these types of searches. These searches are heavily driven by mobile users and the increasing use of mobile devices as the primary method of performing a local search.

Here are the three main aspects of using the strategy for local ranking success.

1. Relevance
Building relevance requires that you build a NAP consistency. NAP stands for Name, Address & Phone number. A website containing your business information should match all the other sites. You should make sure your business name, address, phone number, and category are all the same within directories. You can check that your business data is unified by googling the information yourself. The second important thing is applying relevance to your website. Optimize your website to be fast, attractive, user-friendly and show the content relevant to your products and services.

2. Authority
Building citations within websites that are right for your business can work. There are many platforms like Whitespark, Moz Local, Yext and Brightlocal that help you do this. A quick hack is, however, to Google the keywords you want to rank for and note the top 2 listings showing up. Google the companies name and phone number and add your business to the directory listings they are listed on. You can also consider joining the chamber of commerce and better business bureau.

3. Proximity
Google always optimizes a person’s location to what is near them. Sometimes, Google will rank a competitor higher depending on the phone’s location data. But it is possible to win the customer with the right photos and videos within the directory listing and Google my business. Including things like Google 360 tour can also benefit.

Popular Local SEO Tools
Here are some of the most popular and powerful tools that can help machine shop owners benefit from local SEO.

  • Yext
    A leading solution designed to help businesses manage their local data on popular mapping apps and search engines, Yext is the most expensive of all the popular tools. It lets you store, edit, manage, customize and sync information about the business across locations. Yext Listings puts businesses in control of their data across more than 100 digital services across the globe. Direct integrations with a network of maps, GPS systems, search engines, apps, and social networks help businesses get quick local search rankings. You can also monitor how well your business ranks in local searches. Yext includes a yearly premium for its top-notch local SEO service.
  • Moz Local
    Offering services mainly in the US and Canada, Moz Local helps businesses with local citations and reputation management. They also offer various tools to manage listing data and provide insight to monitor the local SEO of the company. For any small to medium business like machine shops, Moz Local offers local listing management across major search engines, local directories, and apps. It is a quick platform that helps you find out all you need to know and fix but is not as detailed as others. It is available for a yearly premium which may not be convenient.
  • Brightlocal
    Brightlocal is a local citation platform equipped with all the features and tools to help you increase your business visibility and attract more local customers. It gathers all the local SEO data you may need like maps, organic traffic and search rankings and reports like onsite and offsite SEO, competitor benchmark and Google Local audit. The tool can help you maximize relationships with local sites relevant to your business. It offers automated reporting features to analyze SEO performance for different locations. It is a great tool and much like Yext but lets you build some listings manually.
  • Whitespark
    It is a Canada-based marketing company and is my personal favorite because it is entirely manual and highly detailed. It focuses on citation building, audit, and clean-up as well as rank-tracking tools. It works by investigating your competitor citations to let you see what works for them. This helps you find your citations to rank higher on local searches. Using Whitespark, you can track the progress of your local rankings. It also offers Reputation Building to amass customer feedback, testimonials, and reviews for your business. You can use the tool to compare your SEO performance in multiple locations in a chart to visualize what is happening with your business.

Machine shops and shop owners can undoubtedly benefit from Local Search Engine Optimization by listing their business on directories and search engines to attract more customers from nearby locations. Use our guide to use local SEO to boost your sales and popularity. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author Bio:
Jonathan Alonso has more than 14+ years of digital marketing experience, Helping local business, Online ecommerce and other industries grow their traffic and sales. Jonathan is currently the director of marketing for CNCMachines.net

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