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Why Using Product Tutorials Is A Really Great Marketing Strategy

April 14, 2020 / By Rodney Laws

Product tutorials have emerged in recent years as one of the most exciting and malleable forms of both on-site and marketing content. E-commerce stores across the globe have experienced significant success through the use of these videos, but why are they such effective forms of marketing content? MMG Growth System

They’re huge on YouTube
Despite being one of the best platforms for engaging marketing content, YouTube feels someone underrated. The video platform is one of the most visited websites in the world, with incredible engagement rates amongst a number of different demographics.

The most common practice with product tutorials is to upload them to product pages on your own website, but part of what makes them such an effective marketing technique is their compatibility with YouTube.

‘How to’ videos are one of the four most popular genres on YouTube, with millennials and older users alike using the platform to research new skills and products. While not strictly ‘how to’ videos, product tutorials still fall into this category and garner a broad audience of users who are both researching specific items and comparing multiple products. The nature of the YouTube algorithm also allows you to gain views across various videos, as potential customers become curious about sidebar videos covering other products, or just let the autoplay feature take them onto your next video.

Video is the universal medium in today’s digital landscape. While blogs and images still have their place on your websites and social platforms, video is what most people want to watch and the best way to grab immediate attention. Across all your channels, video will receive the highest engagement rates. You should maximize that engagement by harnessing the power of YouTube.

It helps explain your products
The true nature of a product doesn’t always come across in images and descriptions. The benefits of some products aren’t inherently apparent to your visitors, and video is the best way of getting those details across.

Product tutorials can be used to effectively break down and explain a product’s non-obvious features, especially as part of a broader, more diverse informational content strategy. These may be great features that customers would love, but without a clear demonstration or explanation, they may not even know they exist, let alone how they work.

Customers are reluctant to invest in something they can’t understand or see themselves using, so putting that directly in front of them in video form is one of the best ways to both reassure and educate them. Some features don’t translate into text.

The beauty of product videos is they can be as general or focused as you want. Explaining your product can be an extensive project where you go into finite detail about each feature, or you can create a simple video just showing off the main feature of the product in a memorable way.

It cuts down customer service requests
While not strictly a marketing strategy, one of the biggest benefits of product tutorials is the time it feels up for your customer service team, leaving your business more time to invest in marketing.

Many e-commerce stores face the burden of calls asking them to explain the benefits and features of a product. This can take away valuable time from content creation and order processes, particularly for small companies during peak periods. Great product tutorials help take away some of that pressure from your customer service team. No business, whether side hustle or corporation, has the time to spend large portions of the day on the phone or across emails trying to explain what a product does.

Not only does this cut down the calls and emails you receive, but you can expand the video content you produce to product comparisons, where you explain the merits of one product over another.

Video builds trust
Building trust is one of the most essential things a webmaster and business owner needs to do, whatever point of their business adventure they’re at. Trust is what helps you improve sales and spread via word of mouth. A brilliant, modern way of building trust in what you’re doing is through the inventive use of product tutorials.

Customers won’t buy if they don’t think what they see on your website is legitimate or too good to be believed. While more experienced editors and content creators know that video is easily manipulated, the average visitor expects this primarily from images and text. They will generally stick to the mantra that something has to be seen to be believed, and once they’ve seen it, they’re much more likely to invest their money in it.

Video helps to show off quality. It shows things in motion, which allows to place them in the real world and give the customer a sense of what it would feel like to use it, touch it and gift it. This is all part of establishing greater trust in your service than your competitors. If they are making videos showing off the product, experiment with new features in your tutorials, such as including clips of the manufacturing process.

Seeing something in greater detail will always drive sales up, that’s why in-person events and stores have survived despite the increased popularity of online retail. When something is displayed before your very eyes, you’re more inclined to believe in it.

As common as video content now is, it still feels like a lot of online retailers and marketers haven’t fully realized the power that product tutorials hold and the potential of the format. While a greater time and funds investment than conventional forms of content, it is one of the most versatile and directly responsible for sales forms of content.

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