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Use the ROI Calculator to find out how your trade show expenses are returning the investment.

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What it means

What is a good ROI?

Generally, we like to see a 10:1 ROI for any sales or marketing activity. In other words, we want to see $10 returned for each $1 spent or 1000%.

Specifically for trade shows, we like to see at least a 5:1 or 500% return on the investment.

Results analysis:

1000%  You are awesome!

500% - 999%   You're in good shape, better than most. If you're seeing this result, that means you're efficient in booth process as well as managing the expenses.

100% to 499%  Not bad, but could be better. Keep an eye on this metric. If you see it start to slip, take action.

less than 100% There is definitely room for improvement. Check out these resources:

5 Ways You're Wasting Money on Trade Shows

2 Simple Ideas to Improve Trade Show ROI

If your result is between less than 100% ROI, you could get a significant lift with the Manufacturing Growth System.

Cost per Lead

Cost per lead can vary wildly depending on the show and your industry. The number also depends on how you choose the costs of the show. For example, is travel, meals, and lodging included in the cost of the show? Keep in mind that the average cost per trade show lead for industrial companies is $811.

Results analysis:

$100 of less  You are awesome!

$101 to $300   You're in good shape compared to most. There could be room for improvement if your CFO is a real penny pincher.

$301 - $600 You're pushing the envelope here. Chances are you're spending too much or not producing leads at the booth.

greater than 600  You've got work to do on booth processes or lead management or both.

If your result is greater than $300, you could get a significant lift to your revenue with the Manufacturing Growth Plan.

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