Full Funnel Audit

The first step to improving sales productivity is to evaluate your current situation.

During the audit, we'll work with you and your team to review your complete sales and marketing funnel including:

  • Target market definition
  • Lead generation strategy, tactics, and process
  • CRM and Marketing Automation technology evaluation
  • Sales database - recency, completeness, and availability
  • Marketing database - quality, churn, and accuracy
  • Lead flow from new lead to customer
  • Funnel stage definitions and utilization
  • Lead scoring algorithm
  • Sales and Marketing alignment and processes
  • Measurement strategy, goals, KPIs, and ROI
  • Something else you want to be evaluated? No problem, just let us know.

The deliverable is a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement based on your company goals and objectives.

MMG brings more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing sales and marketing to bear in this comprehensive audit.

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Who conducts the audit?
The audit is conducted by Bruce McDuffee, an engineer and highly experienced sales and marketing professional with 25+ years of manufacturing business knowledge.
Is the service on-site or is it a virtual service?

You choose which option works best for your organization.

Onsite option:

  • We'll spend 3 days at your site to complete the audit.
  • At the end of 3 days, we'll give you a verbal summary debrief.
  • We deliver the complete report within 10 business days.

Virtual option:

  • We'll complete the process using virtual meeting tools; GoToMeeting, Trello, Google Docs, etc.
  • The virtual option takes about 3-4 weeks from start to finish.
How does the process work?

Step 1: We ask you to provide any existing documentation that may exist such as a marketing plan, SLAs, flowcharts, and other relevant sales and marketing documents. Don't worry if you don't have anything documented. It won't prevent us from getting started.

Step 2: You provide us with access to your CRM, marketing automation, email service provider, and other relevant tools.

Step 3: We evaluate the technology stack.

Step 4: We interview key personnel - usually about 5 or 6 individuals.

Step 5: Final round of questions and clarifying interviews

Step 6: We write up the report.

Step 7: We present the findings and recommendations.

How much does the full funnel audit cost?

Your investment is $6,000 for a full-funnel audit. The Onsite service will incur additional travel costs.

Not ready for the full funnel audit?

Check out the Lead Funnel Checkup, a lower cost, but powerful check-up on your lead flow process.