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Start-up Pipeline Audit

First - Let's understand your current situation with a CRM audit

FACT: The typical salesperson spends 66% of their time on admin and things other than talking to prospective customers.

The audit includes:

  1. Map your current process - lead management, contact management, and pipeline
  2. Assess database health - duplicates, dormant contacts, dead contacts, active customers, segments, and size
  3. Critical information review
  4. User satisfaction - salespeople perceptions, management perceptions, c-suite perceptions
  5. What is working & what is not working
  6. Recommendations

Not sure if you should change it up just yet? Here are some things to consider.

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CRM Setup & Training

Install a new CRM or replace the old CRM

FACT:  40% of sales reps still use spreadsheets or their inbox to store lead and customer data.

We highly suggest using the HubSpot CRM and sales tools. Here's what you get with the CRM Setup project:

  1. Installation & configuration of HubSpot CRM
  2. Data cleanup and migration
  3. Set up opportunity/deal pipeline
  4. Customize views and critical contact properties
  5. Sales team training for best adoption

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High-Performance Sales Process

Set up the Lead Management Process

FACT: 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

  1. Define/create a lead management handoff process
  2. Set up custom Dashboards & Reports
  3. Sales goal setup and tracking
  4. Target profile and lead scoring
  5. Hot lead alerts
  6. Compliance management
  7. Training and support

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Sales Team Optimization

Set up tools, dashboards, and training for high adoption

FACT: 80% of closed business requires 5 follow-up calls after the initial contact. 44% of sales reps give up after 1 try.

  1. Set up integrated calendars (Google or Outlook)
  2. Set up meetings tools
  3. Set up Chat for the website
  4. Set up Team inbox
  5. Set up automatic lead round-robin assignment
  6. Set up personal rep landing pages
  7. Set up customizable rep email templates and sequences
  8. Measure and report adoption results
  9. CRM training and support

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Manufacturers Reps

Help independent reps, distributors, and resellers sell more of your products!

If you use independent reps to move your product to the sales channel, do these challenges sound familiar:

  • You pass leads to your reps, but never receive any feedback on the quality or disposition of the lead.
  • Your rep's website lists your competitors' products right alongside your products.
  • It's hard for your customers to buy or get a quote because there is no organization in the rep sales channel.
  • You're frustrated because you can't control how your product is shown on your reps' websites.


Here's the solution - a custom site for each of your reps that you control

  • Control your brand and drive more sales
  • Boost local SEO and leads at your reps' locations
  • You control the customer and lead data
  • Keep control of your brand and your story across a network of local websites
  • Integrate your existing CRM, email services, listings, ratings, and social media with your reps' sites
  • Bypass competitors' products every time

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