Why Webinars?

Three Reasons Webinars are Perfect for Lead Generation

A webinar is an event. Events are the only marketing activity where you automatically get people information and their attention. Think someone attending a webinar compared to viewing an advertisement. With an ad, you get a fleeting glimpse or, at best, a few seconds.

  1. Webinars require registration, so you get lead information for every webinar.
  2. A webinar is an event, and events get on the calendar.
  3. People from your target audience give you their attention for 30 to 60 minutes.

Example: An electronic meter manufacturing company generated 642 leads by sharing expertise that helped the people in their target audience solve a vexing problem.

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More reasons to include webinars in your marketing mix:

  • Positions you as the expert
  • TOMA (top of mind awareness)
  • Build trust
  • Build credibility
  • Add qualified leads to the sales pipeline
  • Increases revenue
  • Increases market share
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What is a Webinar?

A Webinar is Voice + Slides

A webinar is an online seminar consisting of a speaker and a slide deck. It is a virtual presentation broadcast over the internet from one computer to multiple devices. A webinar can be live or recorded.

Most webinars do not include a live video feed of the presenter, however, live video feeds may become more common as bandwidth becomes more available. A good webinar will also include engagement activities like polls, quizzes, live chat, and live Q&A.

Here is an example of a webinar.


Why Do Customers Attend Webinars?

Your customers are attending webinars

People, including your customers and prospective customers, are attending webinars all the time. They attend webinars for these reasons:

  • To learn how to solve a problem
  • To ease their daily work
  • To achieve their aspirations
  • To make their lives a little better
  • Attending a webinar is easy, inexpensive, and does not require a lot of time.
  • Webinars are convenient, you can watch and participate directly from your office desk.
  • Webinars offer high value for time invested.

Webinar Success Story: A webinar series we set up for an aviation chart company got 7000+ leads over a 5 part series.

How to Generate Leads?

Eight Step Framework

Step 1 - Determine objectives and a relevant, engaging topic.

Step 2 - Create a branded theme to connect the expertise of your company and offering.

Step 3 - Build an effective and committed team.

Step 4 - Acquire the tools and technology to deliver the broadcast, record the webinar, and enable audience engagement.

Step 5 - Promote the webinar.

Step 6 - Do the live webinar broadcast.

Step 7 - Post-webinar contact, engagement, and nurturing

Step 8 - Measure, report, and deliver the leads.

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Execution Checklist

Thirteen Step Checklist

  1. Determine objective/goals
  2. Identify topic & speakers
  3. Choose a theme
  4. Build slides
  5. Build supporting material
  6. Invite audience
  7. Register attendees
  8. Send confirmation
  9. Send reminder
  10. Broadcast live webinar
  11. Post on-demand recording
  12. Send follow-up
  13. Pass leads to Sales 
How to
MMG has been creating and executing educational webinars for my electronics manufacturing company for the past 3 years. We have filled our sales pipeline with hundreds of qualified leads using educational content.
Shawn Bristow

David Love Rotronic Insturment Corp.

At MMG, we're passionate about helping manufacturing companies to generate more qualified leads for the sales team. We've found that educational webinars are a great way to grow a manufacturing business. Let's take a look at your business and find a topic, speaker, and webinar that gets your company hundreds of qualified leads!
Shawn Bristow

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