Hit the Deck Running with HubSpot Free CRM

This is how it works:

The HubSpot tools are free and MMG charges a fee for the setup and implementation. You don't pay a dime for the CRM, Deals, or Marketing tools. Even though the HubSpot tools are free, it still takes time to install, integrate, and implement. That's where MMG comes in. We'll set up the tools entirely so they are ready for you to use. Training by HubSpot is also free. Check out the HubSpot training courses

TN-Beginners guide to CRM-ds
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5 reasons to consider the free HubSpot tools:

  1. You don't have a CRM, and your prospect data lies on multiple, decentralized (salesperson) laptops or Outlook databases.
  2. You have a CRM, it's expensive, but you aren't using and don't need its full capacity.
  3. You don't know which channels are generating leads and which ones are not.
  4. As a manager, you don't have instant access to your deal pipeline.
  5. Hey, it's free, and it works better than a lot of paid CRM and Marketing platforms!