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Awareness Package

Increase Brand Awareness in Target Markets

The MMG Awareness Package is designed to create awareness throughout your target audience. But, we take it to the next level by creating top-of-mind awareness (TOMA).

When you have TOMA, your brand, offering, and value are the first thing a prospective customer thinks about when they realize they have an immediate need your offering can satisfy. You get the first and, many times, the last call!

Your custom awareness package will be designed around the needs of your audience as it relates to your offering and your expertise. By sharing useful information with the people in your target audience, designing technology that captures lead information, and proven tactics, you will develop TOMA throughout your target audience.

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The Awareness Package includes:

  1. Setup, assessment, and foundation preparation (tools, technology, team)
  2. Tactics choice
    1. Email nurturing paths - 2 paths, 3 emails each
    2. Weekly blog posting (12, 16, or 26 weeks)
    3. Email newsletter (1x per month)
    4. Social media posting
    5. Pay per click
    6. SEO update
    7. Buyer persona development
    8. Digital advertisement
    9. Optimized print ad campaign
  3. Each tactic includes
    1. Content creation
    2. Promotion plan
    3. Landing page with registration form, confirmation, sales notification
    4. 2x monthly results meeting
    5. Audience definition
  4. Reporting & Measurement
    1. Identify key success factors
    2. Identify key performance indicators
    3. Final results report


  • Measurable increased awareness
  • Performance metrics
  • Learn about your audience pain points
  • Refine your messaging