Lead Generation Package

Lead Generation Package

Generate High Quality Leads

The MMG Lead Generation Package is designed to generate high quality leads suitable for immediate sales team follow up or lead nurturing until qualified. Your lead generation package will be designed around the needs of your audience. By sharing useful information with the people in your target audience, designing technology that captures lead information, and proven tactics, you will see lead generation happen quickly and efficiently.

Lead Generation package points -  $7650 to $9500 depending on tactic

The Lead Generation Package includes:

  1. Setup, assessment, and foundation preparation (tools, technology, team)
  2. Tactic choice (points will depend on tactic choice)
    1. White paper conversion path (includes 56 points)
    2. Webinar (includes 47 points)
    3. eBook conversion path (includes 62 points)
    4. Case study conversion path (includes 68 points)
  3. Each tactic includes
    1. Content creation
    2. Promotion plan
    3. Landing page with registration form, confirmation, sales notification
    4. Internal email
    5. 2x monthly results meeting
    6. Audience definition
    7. CTA with notification
    8. 3 part email nurturing
    9. Social media sharing
  4. Reporting & Measurement
    1. Identify key success factors
    2. Identify key performance indicators
    3. Final results report


  • A repeatable lead generation program
  • Qualified leads
  • Foundation for future lead gen activity
  • Learn about your audience pain points
  • Refine your messaging