Lead Generation Package

Lead Generation Services

Generate High Quality Leads

MMG Lead Generation Services are designed to generate high quality leads suitable for immediate sales team follow up or lead nurturing until qualified. Your lead generation service will be designed around the needs of your audience.

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  • Email nurturing
  • Email sales team support
  • Lead magnets
  • Webinars
  • Lead magnets
  • Social media ads
  • Digital ads

Success Case:

An electronics measurement instrument company was struggling to get qualified leads to the sales team of 8 sales engineers. The old ways (trade shows, print ads, and press releases) just didn't work anymore.

MMG set up a series of email newsletters serving high value content to the target audience along with a series of webinars. The result was hundreds of qualified leads for the sales team. With HubSpot, they were also able to track lead conversions and ROI.