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LinkedIn can be a gold mine for B2B companies with specific target markets and target personas for direct offers. The MMG LinkedIn Lead Gen service serves these goals:

  1. Generate qualified leads
  2. Build a subscription list
  3. Increase depth of brand awareness
  4. Sign up prospects for a product demo
  5. Event registration - webinars, classes, online meetings, etc.
  6. Inform a market/territory about a new sales person
  7. What do you need to get done?

What's so Special about LinkedIn?

Many business owners and executives are simply too busy to figure out how LinkedIn can generate leads and grow the business. We are all inundated with advice about why the latest social media channel is the magic bullet for lead generation. But, LinkedIn is different. It is the number one professional network in the world, and research shows it leads other social sites regarding business to business (B2B) sales conversions. If you are targeting a B2B audience, now is the time to consider LinkedIn as part of your lead generation strategy.

Target your audience perfectly!

The best part about LinkedIn is the targeting. Imagine choosing the perfect person for your message. We'll set up your campaign with specifics. For example:

  • by industry
  • by geography (country, state, city, or MSA)
  • by company size (employees or revenue)
  • Job title, function, or seniority
  • ... and more options available


Here's why LinkedIn is great for B2B lead generation:

LIN icon 1a-1LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate... almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.

LIN icon 2a

LinkedIn drives more traffic to B2B blogs & sites than other social channels.

LIN icon 3a91% of professionals feel that LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content.

LIN icon 492% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms.

LIN icon 5The demographics for LinkedIn’s 600+ million members are impressive!

This makes it a valuable tool for companies that want to target an educated, influential, accomplished and affluent audience.


  • 61 million senior-level influencers
  • 40 million decision makers
  • 10.7 million opinion leaders
  • 6.8 million C-level execs
  • 3 million MBA graduates

LIN icon 6LinkedIn is currently available in 200+ countries and 24 languages, so if your target market resides outside the U.S., take note!

LIN icon 7

Basic membership is free.

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The MMG LinkedIn Lead Gen Service:

Step 1 - Goals and objectives

Step 2 - Define target audience & target persona

Step 3 - Define value messaging

Step 4 - Determine the call to action

Step 5 - Setup LinkedIn ads

Step 6 - Connect marketing tech and CRM (if applicable)

Step 7 - Monitor and report results

Optional - review and update LinkedIn company page to align with the lead generation campaign

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