Marketing Plan Strategy Audit

Creating a marketing plan is not easy. You ask and answer the hard questions. You make business decisions that are sometimes not popular.

The Audit includes:

  • Review existing marketing and sales plans
  • Review existing marketing and sales processes
  • Review existing metrics from available sources; i.e. Google
    Analytics, Google AdWords, ERP quoting and success metrics, and others as available
  • Review past sales and marketing activities, successes, failures.
  • Target Market and Competition Workshop (add-on)
  • Sweet Spot Topic Workshop (add-on)
  • Value Proposition Workshop (add-on)
  • Identify gaps between goals and plans/processes
  • Identify potential market/audience venues

The result is a comprehensive strategy and associated tactical plan to get you to your business goals.


What's in it for you?


A fresh set of eyes on your business development plans

30 years of industrial business experience from the inside and outside.

More revenue and higher growth rate

Typically, the analysis and data will show where we can get quick wins and fast results. Defining the market, pain points, competition's weakness will lead to more revenue without a big investment.

More leads and higher conversions for the sales team

Understanding your market and the players in the market enable you to be laser-focused on your strengths. When you understand what your audience is struggling with, you can be their solution. When you're the solution, the leads flow and the business grows.

Marketing isn't your personal strength?

Not to worry, MMG brings 25+ years of tested and proven business development experience in B2B industrial and manufacturing business. We've tested and proven strategies and tactics that work. It's like hiring a seasoned industrial chief marketing officer at 1/10th the price. 



Marketing Plan

Who needs a marketing plan? All businesses need a marketing plan whether they know it or not.

A marketing plan clarifies and focuses your resources. A good marketing plan answers these important business questions:

  1. What are your target market and target audience?
  2. What is the target audience's pain, problem, or aspiration where you offer a solution?
  3. Where do your prospective customers go for information?
  4. How do you compare to your main competitors in the market?
  5. What are the business goals and critical issues to meet those goals
  6. How will you engage with your target market to emphasize your strengths?
  7. What are your sales and marketing strategy, tactics, and KPIs?

Successful business owners know the answers to these questions. Ultra-successful businesses write it down and make sure everyone in the organization is on the same page.

Struggling businesses usually don't have a marketing plan and are highly reactive with no coherent understanding of the market or where they fit in the market.


Is the Audit right for you?

We work with small and medium-sized B2B industrial companies looking for ways to increase growth or address poor revenue performance. If your business isn't growing as it used to or you know there is potential for more growth but not sure where to start, this is for you.

Some of our clients have been where you might be today. Do any of these situations resonate?

  • You just launched a new product, but it's not meeting its full potential.
  • You're spending a lot of money on specific marketing tactics like trade shows, advertisements, or Adwords and aren't sure if it's working or not.
  • Your revenue growth is flat or not where you want it to be.
  • You feel like your business development process is just not optimized for growth.
  • You want to enter a new vertical market but are not sure how to approach it.

That's Me! Let's talk.


Success Metrics


471% Increase in New Leads

Working with an electronics manufacturing company, we were able to immediately identify one conversion point that was unusually low. We were able to improve this conversion point from 0.6% to 3.4% causing a 471% increase in new leads.

32% Increase in Annual Revenue

Working with a measurement instrument manufacturer, we were able to identify a huge gap in the lead management process that was costing the company in lost opportunities and wasted marketing spend. We filled the gap by implementing strong service level agreements between sales and marketing.  Year-on-year revenue increased by 32%!

25% Increase in Sales & 15% Shorter Sales Cycle

Working with a precision metal fabrication company, we were able to reduce the average sales cycle time by 22%! The result was 25% increased growth over the previous year.