1 Plan Example & 2 Plan Templates for Manufacturing

marketing plan for manufacturing company

Marketing Plan Example & Template

  • PowerPoint Template with 8 part summary
  • Full 17 page marketing plan example for a B2B manufacturing company
  • MS Word Template ready to go

The Marketing Plan is a critical component of the full go-to-market strategy. You can download a PowerPoint template that includes an 8 page summary of the critical components of your marketing plan and an example of a full marketing plan written for a manufacturing company.

TN-marketingplan-924213-editedHere's why manufacturers must have a marketing plan to survive in this time of intense global competition:

  • The Marketing Plan increases lead flow, gets more awareness, increases revenue, and gains competitive advantage.
  • The Marketing Plan gets everyone on the same team and heading in the same direction.
  • The Marketing Plan crystalizes the purpose, position, value proposition, etc. for the entire company and for the customer.
  • The Marketing Plan helps you to say "no" when ideas, suggestions, or demands do not align with the agreed upon plan.

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