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Marketing Plan Package

A comprehensive, structured process to create a full go-to-market plan.

The MMG Marketing Plan Package is designed to address challenges with market penetration, declining lead flow, poor performance of existing plan, competing on price, and getting traction with digital marketing.

Here is how it works:

Month 1 - We start off with a comprehensive discovery phase where I meet with you, the marketing lead, your leadership and your stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of the current situation.

Month 2 - We conduct a deep dive research phase where we assess the characteristics of your firm's SWOT, define the target audience, and analyze the competitive landscape.

Month 3 - Based on the information we discover, the business goals and the marketing objectives, we develop a complete and proper marketing plan built around the "New Way" marketing strategy.


  • An actionable, measurable go-to-market plan
  • Focuses on your strengths based on audience perceptions
  • Learn about your audience pain points
  • Refine your messaging
  • Higher quality leads, broader awareness, close more business with your ideal customers