The MMG Point Pricing System

The MMG Point Pricing System is designed to provide a transparent and objective pricing structure that ensures clients know what they purchase and what has been accomplished. We believe the point system is better than project based pricing and more transparent than hourly rate pricing because you pay for the actual value of a service, not the number of hours.

Points that are not used in any month are added to the next month to ensure clients continue to receive the services they have purchased. Points do not expire.

The per point price is $85. See the chart at the right for a la carte point values for various services.

The MMG Project Framework :

  1. Choose a package from Lead Generation, Awareness, Marketing Plan, or Custom
  2. Set start date and kick-off meeting date
  3. Audience assessment
  4. Agreement on objectives, goals, KPIs, & measurement
  5. Agreement on duties & responsibilities
  6. Develop calendar timeline
  7. Execution

Packages engagements usually last between 3 and 6 months.

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